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Day 138: Clean

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on March 23, 2010
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It’s after 10 in the evening and I am just getting to this.  Its becoming a bad habit I know.

Today was a day of cleaning.  I clean my house every weekend but today I cleaned the other stuff.  The fridge, under the stove, the inch of dust of the open shelves.  The amount of dirt in my home amazes me but I guess it shouldn’t.  People are always in this space living, children playing, life moving onward and this my friends produces lots of dirt.  So my husband did a craft with the kids and supervised a few matches on the Wii so I could plow through the big dirt.  Hopefully the worst of the dust and germs are done.  I could spend all day, everyday cleaning up fingerprints and slobber marks from around this house!

Tonight I went to see Remember Me.  I enjoyed it so much!! I have to admit that I only went because I totally wanna bang Rob Pattinson but I actually enjoyed the story and the chance to see his acting chops outside of Edward Cullen.  I guess I already knew he could act from some of the other little movies he did prior to Twilight but I really enjoyed his role of Tyler.  So I recommend you go see it but also that you do not read any reviews beforehand for fear of spoilers. Go in blind and feel the raw emotion of it as it happens.

Well its late so I shall go to bed, hope you have a great nights sleep!


Day 15: Weigh in and a PA day to boot!

So today is weigh in day. I love Friday weigh ins, though when I plateau I am sure that will change!

That said this is what the scale had to say to me today. 232.5 lbs which is down 5.5 lbs from last week and down 11 lbs total since joining the Caloriecounter site 2 weeks ago. This makes me very happy!!

Last night was Aqua Fitness class which I enjoyed as much as last time.  I really do wish that they offered the water power fitness class more than once a week though, I would go 3 nights if it was offered. There where only 4 of us in it last night. I plow through it and push myself as hard as I can and I know my friend is trying her best too. I was surprised that the other 2 girls really didn’t seem to be putting much effort into it.  Seemed silly to take a class and then do a half assed job of things but what do I know!

Last nights dinner was Beef Stroganoff and I loved it (because its sauce is rich and creamy) but I was the only one in the family who did.  Kevin found the sauce to rich (it is Healthy choice mushroom soup and no fat sour cream:he hates both these things) but other than that it was ok he says.  The good thing he said was that it was nice to see me cooking on a daily basis and actually enjoying it.  I think that part of the reason we ate out as much as we did was because I hated to cook the same 6 to 10 recipes that are the stables of this family.  I have now decided that I don’t care who likes what, I am the one cooking it and so they shall eat it and be thankful it’s not a can of zoodles.  Now ask the kids and they will tell you they would happily eat zoodles for dinner 5 nights a week and McDonald’s the other two!

So today or tonight I have to come up with the next 7 meals for next week so I can grocery shop tonight. If anyone out there has a great recipe with a reasonable calorie content let me know!

Today is a PA day, to teachers this is a Professional Activity day. To me its a Pain in the Ass day. I am hoping that we can make it through the day without the bickering and fighting  that can happen with certain combinations of kids.Its really a hit and miss with this bunch.   The good news is that it is not raining so we will get to go to the park and burn off some steam later.

This weekend I have the in-laws for dinner. I am making an Indian dish with brown rice. This will be interesting as they are meat and potatoes people. I am also excited as I am off to see New Moon on Sunday!!!! I get to see yummy Rob Pattinson!

This is it for today.

As always, have a wonderful day!

Zac Efron and Rob Pattinson

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A silly little skit from a great on line show…….

Rob kicks Zac anyday of the week. Me loves me some Rob!

New Moon Trailer

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So just in case you live under a rock and have yet to see it I am posting the trailer for New Moon that premiered at the MTV awards the other night. Even if you have seen it 100 times I know you’ll still watch it again 🙂

Like the 30 something fangirl that I have become I am really looking forward to the next installment to the series. My question is what are we going to do when its all over? when all 4 are done will we be lost, with nothing to look forward to? I fear this is the case!

MTV Awards…..

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Ok so life has become insane and I have not had time to get on line to write anything.  I have had lots of entertaining things to write about too but its just to crazy around here……

Anyway as some of you may know Rob Pattinson won the best kiss award at the MTV awards last week (I refuse to accept he kissed KStew) well here is a video from an English internet show about it……

90210: Everyone’s lov’in the Rob

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So tonight I watched a new episode of 90210 that the PVR taped last night (yes, I watch 90210 don’t judge me!) and me oh my who did they mention? our boy Rob that’s who!  Not that it surprises me that much be it 90210 or L1E1W9 we all love us some Rob.  Still it gave me a little smile to see it happen.

That’s it for today people, I have nothing more for you! (but I gotta say, have you seen the naked frontal shot of RPazz from Little Ashes that’s floating around out there???   *THUD*

Whats with the hate?

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1. I really miss my laptop.

2. I really hate the basement clunker cira 1990

Ok now that I have that out of the way and can move on to today’s topic of ramble. I have a limitted time frame to do this as a small boy is eyeing me in a stinky sort of way and I fear for my life should he not get to access Webkinz’s in the next 15 minutes (if there’s no post tomorrow send help!) 

To start with I thought for humors sake I would leave in all the mistakes that this stupid keyboard will create.  SOme keys are so looose you get a dozen of the letter and others stick cuz they are so hard. Did I mention I hate this computer 🙂

SO the big debate today is why are there people who have to hate on someone just because the have a passion for something?   When poking around on this and other blog sites it is easy to find someone complaining about the phunomonon (ok that ones on me) of Twilight and Rob Pattinson.  I guess if you are one of those people who have not found an attraction to the books or the characters then you may not understand. Hell I am one of those people and I still wonder what happened to my sanity.  I did not wake up one morning and think, ” Boy, I sure wish I could find a man 15 years younger than me who I can obsess over, buy action dolls of and smile at his face in a poster when doing laundry”  I am almost positive that no grown women woke up on any given day and thought this. If she did then she truly is a nutcase who should be committed! However I have it on good authority that there are tons of us out there. SOme hide it away from family and friends and like a dirty little secret. Others are semi out of the closet (like me) and people know about it. The last group are at one with it, these are the ones who take Pocket Edward to the grocery store and let him sit up front in the cart, let him know and enter the secret pin at the ATM while glaring at that teenager who is looking on longingly at her 6 inches of Edward joy.  Ok I have to admit that although I am on the crazy bus for Edward and all things Rob Pattinson I don’t think I will ever be able to commit myself this completely (because my family will lock me away) I have been unable to take my P.E out and about with me for fear of the looks I may recieve. I worry that this makes me a “weaker fan” but then I remember that I don’t want to eat jello at the crazy farm each day and that helps me get on with things.

SO I just accept it, I never asked for it, I do not understand the nature of the beast that lives within me. It just is what it is.

To sum it up in the words of a wise man. MIne it not to question what makes you hot. MIne is to take advantage of the fact that you are hot!

Thoughts? comments? opinions? Lets here it people!

Guess who’s back?

So my title leaves me humming Slim Shady “Guess who’s back? back again, guess who’s back tell a friend…..” OK some will get it and some won’t get it, depends if you like rap full of profanity. Ironically the PTA mom is down with all that.

OK so the computer made it back through the front door and after 10 minutes of “quality time” with my kids its totally screwed again. Gotta love kids, if it can be broken they will break it! So I am reduced to the dinosaur of a clunker in the basement. It moves remarkably slow, takes 10 minutes to load a new page and the monitor is going so the colors are all off.

This people is the dedication I offer to you the reader. I willwork on a total piece of shit in order to attempt to provide you with a simple smile, if lucky a little giggle. I love you all and you may reward me with comments or cheques in denominations over $100 🙂

So in my week of  baroness I had to rely on merely my blackberry for contact with the world. I have no idea how I ever functioned with my crappy little flip phone but I know that there is no going back for me now.  There was once a time long long ago in another universe when I did not have access to the Internet ( I also smoked, was childless, had no grey hair and weighed 1000lbs less) and now my day is not started until I have assessed my e mail and stopped into my favorate site for the Robsessed perverted stalker like type ( that would be over at letterstorob) how I would make it through the day without the wit and laughs I find there I do not know. Thanks Girls!

Anyway as much as I have to share with you all I have to cut this short, little people are demanding some food and I fear if I do not co operate they make seek vengence which in childspeak means it is time to break something. This would be bad because my pocket Edward is out and should his head be ripped off I will require medication to function for the rest of my years.

So this is it, I will return again tomorrow to share many of the thoughts I have had in my absence including my thoughts on the Twilight DVD, my review of Joshua Jackson’snew movie ONE WEEK,  why men totally suck and I am sure there will be some ramblings about my beautiful Rob too.  Don’t forget to tune in to the craziness!

This really does it for me!

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Ok so I have been missing in action for the last week. Some sort of computer virus floating around in my laptop and apparently I have no memory left (I wonder if the 3.84 million pictures of Spunk Ransom has anything to do with that?) Anyway I am back for now………. 


Ok so I have been a good girl and refrained from mentioning you know who for a few days now. This has shown a great deal of restraint for the inner fangirl in me is begging and screaming to speak his name. Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson, Rob Pattinson. Opps! Apartently she got free and is going on a mad ranting and raving about this beautiful beautiful totally legal to do man.  I had her in closed confines until the picture above appeared on my monitor. What happened next you may ask? Well my brain shut down and had to reboot. In the famous words of my gals over at LTR there was a *POOF* and suddenly my panties evaporated into thin air (ya I went there).There was also a tune in my head playing on a loop over and over. That little voice of normality spoke up and said ‘LIKE YOUR A TOTAL PERVERT YA KNOW!” (that little voice’s image is that of a bubble gum popping girl in a catholic school uniform. Think what you will,  I know already! thearapy required but not had) then that other voice dressed in black pleather with a whip) says, “Oh man I’d like to tap that!”

Any way you look at it, if you are a Rob fan this picture is totally hot. Just saying!

Breaking Dawn: Fan made video

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So yesterday I learned how to add videos to my blog and it was very easy. So I will now have an onslaught of Youtube videos that I like alot.  This one is for Breaking Dawn. If you live under a rock and have yet to read this book then I don’t recommend watching it or the book is ruined ( and shame on you for not reading it yet)

This is a great one……

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