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Mr Messy

Posted in My Life thoughts,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 3, 2009
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Do you remember the Mr Men books when we were kids?  I sure do!


I think of them every morning when I go into my room to make the bed. 

This may seem like an odd thing to say but have have my reasons.  You see I married Mr Messy.  I know ,I know, I seem to have all the famous men in my life ( I’m not really married to RPazz) and all I do is criticize them but that’s whata gals gotta do ta make it through the day!

So I present you with the evidence on hand. This would be the master bedroom of my house.  This first picture shows my side of the bed. ( I should mention that those cables you see irritate me, I have issues)



and this would be the other side of the bed. (the cables suddenly seem less significant to my sanity)


So you can see the problem right?

 I mean what more can I possibly do for him?  This picture was taken the day after “the experiment”.  You see the laundry basket is usually in our closet, and his clothes are usually on the floor as they are in this photo.  I thought that I would place the actual basket on the spot he leaves his clothes each night to see if this would be enough of an incentive to insert them in for me.  I personally think he put them on the floor just to spite me (I know I would). This went on for about a week.

So I had to let it go, the basket is back in the closet and each morning a pile of clothes lay on the floor. Each morning I pick them up and walk the 4 feet over to the closet to put them in the basket.  I tried to leave them on the floor so that a mountain of laundry would form (plus he would run out of clothes as I only wash whats in the baskets) but then I realized that this could lead to a full nervous breakdown for me.

I knew this would not work as I did the same thing with clean laundry.

I color sort it, wash it, dry it, fold it, sort it out into persons piles and thats the end of it. All my kids (even the 6 year old) take their piles and put it away. My husbands pile grew and grew in a basket I placed on the nightstand, it was twice the height of the basket. I nearly went insane looking at it each day (this picture is taken about the middle of the pile height) but I left it alone.  I found a solution one weekend while at his parents house for dinner. I tattled on him. His mother tore him a new hole about being lazy. We went home that night and I got the silent treatment but it was worth it because guess who put his laundry away!   I think I should e mail this pictures over to her later today………….

Moral of the story ladies?

Sometimes a mother in law can be useful, and sometimes tattling can work in your favor rather than just giving you the usual headache.

Watch for the next segment regarding cereal, bowls and coathangers……