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Day 29: Friday Weigh in day!

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It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.

~Vince Lombardi~

There are many things that I miss from my childhood. Many. One of these is the beauty of the wild bluebells in the woods by my friend Nicola’s house. I loved those woods, shaded from the sun, thick with green moss and rich with the smell of earth. Amongst this was the bluebells, such beautiful colors.

I am no gardener but I have attempted several times to have them grow here to no avail.  I will have to settle for my painting of them my grandmother gave me all those years ago.


I should start off by saying this is not a good day by any means for me. I am not happy with my weigh in Friday number, even though I understand the reality of not always taking 5 lbs a week off. I am annoyed as I had a goal for this entry to be the 20 lb or more off one. Had a graphic picked out and everything.  I am annoyed because I missed Aqua fit last night and I love this class and how it makes me happy.  I an exhausted because instead of Aqua fit I spent the evening just dealing with head lice shampoo and combing through heads of hair.  This all came about at 1 yesterday when I was asked to check one of my daycare children’s heads as they had been itching the day before.  As soon as I got the call I started to look at the child’s head and sure enough found them. Mom was told to come immediately and pick the child up.  I then called the school so they could send home a letter.  I  pulled my 3 kids early so I could check them.  Sure enough Téa the lice magnet has them again, and my oldest James had a few.  I literally sat on the floor and cried.  If you have never dealt with lice you can’t understand how horrible it is.  Every aspect of your life is effected. Everything you do becomes about head lice, from the moment you wake till the moment you rest again.  All bedding in the dryer daily, tons of towels as they can only use each one once, 6 hours a day combing through hair, vacuuming furniture and floors, more combing, more combing.  It is horrible and it is my life, again. This is the third time in a year I have had to do this and I am not emotionally equipped to handle it. So I will sit on the floor and cry.  The only saving grace here is that I’m not clutching a family size bar of chocolate while on the floor crying.  All this tied in with a monthly cycle of emotion to deal with too. So $40 of shampoo later and having to shut down daycare on a PA day ( a $250 loss of income) here I am.

So the nasty little number today? I mean thats what this entries about. Well the scale reports that I am 227.3 lbs today. That’s down 1.1 lbs. I know thats nothing to be ashamed of and that a normal weight loss is 1 to 2 lbs a week. That said I really would have been cheered up with a solid 5 lbs this week. I really could have used it.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, I am hoping that the lice cooperate and I can have my day at Boot camp and my training day on Sunday because I really need these things at this moment.  I am feeling like negative Nelly at the moment and I need to break the funk.

Well my day should get started, heads to comb, laundry to do,  heads to comb again.

As always, have a good day.


Day 28: Thursday

Never, never, never, never give up.

~Winston Churchill~

My school was Trythall, a true old schoolhouse. We had one room for the younger kids, another room for the older kids, and the bell room, which did have a bell on a cord to indicate break was over. I remember watching Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married on the tv in that room, It was a big deal to watch the tv at school.  We had two teachers, Mrs Clarke for the younger and Mr Hawkins who was the Headmaster and also taught the older kids.  The bathrooms were out back in a second building.  I think there were about 40 of us in total at the school. Outside was divided into 2 areas based on your room. I can remember being very excited about going from the young yard to the old yard because there was a climber there.  My friends and I used to play with our smurfs in the dug out of the younger yard. they lived in the holes we dug in the dirt wall, between the roots of old trees and bushes. This must all sound very odd to some of you. This was my school, this was a place of youth and innocence. It still stands to this day.

This is the gate to the older kid playground.

This picture was taken the year our school turned 100, I think I was about 6 or 7? I am the second one in from the left front row. Little blond girl.


Today I had a hard time crawling out of bed. I have never been a morning person to start with, even with a full eight hours of sleep.  The last while I have found it hard to get to sleep at night. I find that the clock will often reach midnight while I lay there.  This frustrates the heck out of me because I know I will be tired in the morning.  With the darkness at wake up this just adds to my annoyance. I think I would be a perfect candidate for light therapy in the winter months. I guess I should look into this or other options to stop the winter blues from sinking in. That snows going to show up sooner than later let’s face it! I should prehaps paint a summer mural on the wall in front of the treadmill, or blow up a camping picture to 5 foot by 6 foot!

Last night went by very quickly, after dinner it was parent interview, followed by parent interview, followed by school council (arriving late) followed by another 9:30 parent interview on the phone. After a cup of tea, quick look at Facebook and e-mail it was off to bed at 11.

Today is a rainy day in the house with four kids under the age of six. They are currently all pretending to be cats.  Later we will watch UP and I will begin the mindless thankless task of 8 loads of laundry.

Tonight is Aquafit, which is always great!

Tomorrow is yet another PA day. We just had one 2 weeks ago! I am hoping for sunshine so we can get outside!

The weekend holds a boot camp on Saturday at my friends gym OPTIMUM BODIES in Ajax (for the next 4 weeks) and on Sunday I am off to be trained by my friend who is now certifiable….wait I mean certified as a personal trainer. Hopefully I will still be able to stand on Monday as thats treadmill day!

Well this is it for today, I don’t think I am quite my chipper self today, though I do feel good about things.  I will be back tomorrow with weigh in friday!

As always, have a great day!

Mr Messy

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Do you remember the Mr Men books when we were kids?  I sure do!


I think of them every morning when I go into my room to make the bed. 

This may seem like an odd thing to say but have have my reasons.  You see I married Mr Messy.  I know ,I know, I seem to have all the famous men in my life ( I’m not really married to RPazz) and all I do is criticize them but that’s whata gals gotta do ta make it through the day!

So I present you with the evidence on hand. This would be the master bedroom of my house.  This first picture shows my side of the bed. ( I should mention that those cables you see irritate me, I have issues)



and this would be the other side of the bed. (the cables suddenly seem less significant to my sanity)


So you can see the problem right?

 I mean what more can I possibly do for him?  This picture was taken the day after “the experiment”.  You see the laundry basket is usually in our closet, and his clothes are usually on the floor as they are in this photo.  I thought that I would place the actual basket on the spot he leaves his clothes each night to see if this would be enough of an incentive to insert them in for me.  I personally think he put them on the floor just to spite me (I know I would). This went on for about a week.

So I had to let it go, the basket is back in the closet and each morning a pile of clothes lay on the floor. Each morning I pick them up and walk the 4 feet over to the closet to put them in the basket.  I tried to leave them on the floor so that a mountain of laundry would form (plus he would run out of clothes as I only wash whats in the baskets) but then I realized that this could lead to a full nervous breakdown for me.

I knew this would not work as I did the same thing with clean laundry.

I color sort it, wash it, dry it, fold it, sort it out into persons piles and thats the end of it. All my kids (even the 6 year old) take their piles and put it away. My husbands pile grew and grew in a basket I placed on the nightstand, it was twice the height of the basket. I nearly went insane looking at it each day (this picture is taken about the middle of the pile height) but I left it alone.  I found a solution one weekend while at his parents house for dinner. I tattled on him. His mother tore him a new hole about being lazy. We went home that night and I got the silent treatment but it was worth it because guess who put his laundry away!   I think I should e mail this pictures over to her later today………….

Moral of the story ladies?

Sometimes a mother in law can be useful, and sometimes tattling can work in your favor rather than just giving you the usual headache.

Watch for the next segment regarding cereal, bowls and coathangers……