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Did you know Britain’s Got Talent?

Making time to write seems to harder now that the weather is nice. So many things need to be done that this list seems endless, like the list of names Santa has on his giant scroll.  Oh well I guess that eventually I will get it done….. to those  of you reading me (some I know, most I don’t) sorry that my postings have become sporadic.

So yesterday I was introduced to some of the talent found thus far in England as they begin picking the contestants for Britain’s Got Talent.  My sister in law started poking around You Tube after hearing about  one women Susan Boyle who tried out. As with many things, word of mouth leads more to take a peek.  We don’t get this show here in Canada but I thought I would share some of the amazing clips. Enjoy, looks like some tough competition……..

This young boy just blew me away, lets hope puberty doesn’t ruin this gift on him.

Now this little girl was clever in her element of surprise.

This man, wow, I mean how can your life pass by without this gift being seen?

And then we have remarkable dance troops…….

and also

What can you say about that? Clearly Britain has some serious talent that’s for sure!