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New Moon Trailer

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So just in case you live under a rock and have yet to see it I am posting the trailer for New Moon that premiered at the MTV awards the other night. Even if you have seen it 100 times I know you’ll still watch it again ūüôā

Like the 30 something fangirl that I have become I am really looking forward to the next installment to the series. My question is what are we going to do when its all over? when all 4 are done will we be lost, with nothing to look forward to? I fear this is the case!


Exclusive Images of Baby Nessie

I am happy to report that I have the first exclusive photo’s of Edward Cullen’s first born child.¬† Last month rumors circulated that an unknown women was pregnant when she married the beautiful shiny Volvo driver.¬† Much speculation was floating around as to the truth of the wedding pictures and some scoffed that it was clearly photo shopped.¬† In an impromptu interview the whore¬† lovely Mrs Cullen she told us of the whirlwind romance between her and her hubby and how the recent documentary Twilight has thrown them into the public eye.

After our talk she invited me to take a quick tour of their new cottage,  previously owned by the notorious Barbie.  No longer are the days of wild parties with Barbie and her cousin from Malibu by the poolside.  This home is now the quiet family retreat for Edward, Nessie and his new bride.


Edward was the attentive father as he fetched baby Nessie after her afternoon nap.


After bath time Edward enjoys a moment with his daughter while the country air drys her skin naturally.

So I am happy to report that things at the Cullen’s appear to be as normal as can be expected.¬† although Edward has found all the attention his family is receiving alittle overwhelming he feels that it was about time that the truth about vampires came out.¬† since the release of the documentary Twilight Edward has found a good friend in vampire Bill Compton**and they share a common ground in the cross species love interests.¬†

** Bill Compton is a vampire from the successful series TRUE BLOOD featured on HBO and in Canada The movie Network. It will be going into its second season in the fall of 2009.

Edward Cullen gets his drink on!








OK so after an hour passes I have managed to get some pictures off my camera and onto my clunker for you. 

So Monday night was TWILIGHT night around my house. Admittedly we have a Twilight night once a week but this one was alittle different because we had good friends and good food to go with it.  After much planning for the event (OK I made 4 phone calls the afternoon before) I sent out a quick text to pocket Edward to see if he was available to attend.  He text me back and said that he had no pressing appointments on a Monday night and was only planning to hang out in his designated spot on top of the fridge.  So I could count him in.  I had him come over early so he could help me mix up some drinks.  Having existed all these years he makes a great cocktail!










Edward told me that he will only use Bacardi¬† products with the Kitchen Aid blender so I rushed off to the local Price chopper to stock up. I don’t question Edward on anything, nor should you.¬† I was going to invite him along but I have a fear that someone I know may see me there and then rumors will spread about my sanity ( people think carrying a 9 inch Edward around is odd?? I know lots of people carrying around 9 inches of plastic in their purse……of course there’s takes batteries and doesn’t look like a vampire God)¬† Anyway I rushed home and Edward helped me find the perfect mix of citrus carbonated lemonade, ice, rum and mix. I really don’t know what I would do without him!edwardbaquardi

We finished up just in time for girls night.¬† The doorbell rung and Edward knew that it was time to get his drink on with the ladies!¬† Always the gentleman he laughed and smiled as everyone came in.¬† Pouring ice cold daquari’s and making jokes about the drinks being “ice cold like him”¬† ( too bad we couldn’t devour him like we did the drinks).

When we moved downstairs to watch the movie on the flat screen he politely excused himself. Pocket Edward, just like Rob has a hard time watching the movie. He told me it is even harder to watch on blue ray because everything is so clear, more so with his vampire eyes.  So he retired up stairs to his spot on the fridge. I did offer to let him sleep in the Country cottage as Barbie appears to be vacationing in the basement with 300 of her naked friends. He smiled crookedly at me and said that the fridge would be fine. Such a quality gentleman.

So we ate, we drank, we where merry.  I got alittle outta hand and perhaps rowdy with Pocket Edward out of sight.  My inner fangirl kept calling for his pants to disappear during the movie but alas it never happened. Wish that was in the extended version.  All and all a good night for me though I am tired today.

Look who is back in black!

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So the man is back¬†in the ¬†USA! all the women can breath a sigh of relief. For those of us to the North its a sigh of anticipation.¬† It’s just a matter of time till he graces our beloved Canadian soil with his totally fine ass.¬† For me this is bitter sweet as I am located on the wrong side of the country so unless I win a contest my chances of a Rob spotting are slim to none. It is a sad fact that this depesses me, which depresses me further that I am THAT robsessed.¬† I am months away from being 38 years old and I have become a mere FANGIRL. Now admittedly I am not squeeling and bouncing up and down in my hipster jeans. However at times I think it would be a healthier situation if I was 14.¬† The laundry is piling up as I¬†spend more and more time with my LTR ladies.¬†¬†I listen with sharp ears for the little tingle tingle of my blackberry alerting me with the lastest updates. It is¬†a fickle beast this robsession.¬† So until my husband puts his foot down (which he won’t cuz Rob’s doing him all sorts of favors in the sex drive department) I will pretend that this is completely normal.¬†backinblack14

New Moon

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What can I say? This beautiful poster (fanmade) showed up on another site I frequent and all I could think is *gulp* followed by *thud*

What a great shot!  Thats all I have to say, the poster speaks the words.

Edward Cullen goes to grade 2

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So it has come to my families attention that I suffer from E.C.D (Edward Cullen disorder) and I have to say that it has been taken rather well by the kids and even the husband has to get credit for his understanding (or it may simply be lack of caring)
I have been sick the past few weeks drowning in my own snot and this has been depressing for me, however the other day my doorbell rung and I got the best surprise in the world. My very own little Edward Cullen to call my own.¬† Now the family thinks this is rather interesting. My 11 year old is on MSN sharing the great news with God knows how many girls at his school ( who I will have to watch like a hawk for fear of possible doll abduction) and my daughter is making cards for valentines day about loving vampires. Last night she had the class “mystery bag” and the following is what happened.¬†

The journal of clues
The journal of clues