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Day 499: Photos and such

So today I will be doing my second set of pictures for the Eat Clean Challenge. I’m not really expecting to see much of a change from the first ones as I have only lost another 5 lbs and no plastic surgery has happened!  Anyway I did take the time to bust out the flat-iron and my make up so my head looks good if nothing else.  One thing I have discovered is that although I may love apple green this bikini I picked to use for the challenge  is a bad choice for me.  I will keep wearing it for the monthly photos because I am committed to doing this. However I have realized that if I plan on ever wearing one in real life I better invest some cash into a good quality under wired one.  My boobs are just too big to be given free range!!  Good news is that they are getting smaller slow but sure but I doubt they will ever reach what I consider manageable.I will also be taking my measurements to log with the pictures. Hopefully I will be left feeling accomplished despite the small alterations. Once my photographer has them ready I will post them here for your critic.  My hope is that sometime in June I will invest in a new suit to wear for the remainder of the contest (and tanning in the privacy of my backyard).

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in cooking a batch of meatballs for the freezer. This was the first time that I made them and I have to say they are pretty yummy!  What was even better was the smell of them cooking, it was like I was roasting a turkey and the air smelled like stuffing. I love stuffing!  I am so thankful that my weekly weigh in is on Saturdays and NOT Mondays with Easter on our doorsteps!  Should you wish to make your house smell amazing then head over to  http://optimumbodies.ca/blog/?p=163 to get the recipe  (also available on the blogs listed to the right of my page)

Turkey meatballs ready for the oven

Today is another miserable cold day and as usual I have a list of things that need to get done around here.  I never did finish my baking so will need to whip up a batch of this or that each day to make it happen.  No worries there as my house will be going into GEARS OF WAR 3 BETA mode tonight. So basically that means I will be living with zombies for the next few weeks as all the males in my house will be locked into some hard-core game play. For me that means gym time without any association of guilty for the me time!


Day 475: Thats more like it

So last night I went back to the gym with my workout in hand, ready to really push myself hard.  It felt good to be driven and motivated.  I felt like me, the old me trapped under this sludge.

I am happy to say that I completed the entire workout I designed for myself and it was on the mark for what I needed.  I don’t think that I could have done much more in regards to weight or reps without having someone carry me home.  I did another leg workout as I didn’t feel anything from the previous days workout (much to my surprise) and I added in some abs too.  I think that I will have alittle bit of abs in every workout just because I find it pushes me.  My legs and my belly are the worst bits I think. Cursed with bad genetics in the leg department.

OK well I am going to post the horrible pictures of me in my bikini.  I know they are gross, but try to remember when you are judging how bad they look how hard I have worked to get to this point.  Try to remember that sadly this is a big improvemnet from what I began this journey with, and that by showing you this; here; well thats a leap of faith that leaves me feeling rather vulnerable.

So here it is.

So because I am freaking right now about doing this I am going to look for positives:

1. I have varicose veins. That’s bad genetics and not my fault.  I can have this fixed by my Doctor.  Easy fix, let it go

2.Cottage cheese. I don’t like the stuff but I have a barrel of it. I did have a truckload before so this is better. Eat Clean, and legs at gym can work this out.

3. Do I have a belly button in there?  Yes I do. I can see it now which is an imporovement from last year. Eat Clean and Abs at the gym can fix this.

4. Belly, belly, belly.  OK yes, I have a big ol belly still but it is recessing away.  I can literally see it shrinking inward and that my friends is a great feeling even if it may not look that good!  I also have a curve at the waist that hasn’t been around since 1997.

5. My bad has a roll of fat.   Dont knock it!! Thats one roll of fat which means that the other 3 are now BANISHED!!!!!!!

6. My face.  I have never been photogenic but that aside, I am delighted at my face these days. My head had become round and my chin had found a twin. Now it is oval again and because the twin disappeared I feel more confident to smile

So to a stranger looking at this it may be unappealing, but to me?  This is a step in the right direction.