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Edward Cullen gets his drink on!








OK so after an hour passes I have managed to get some pictures off my camera and onto my clunker for you. 

So Monday night was TWILIGHT night around my house. Admittedly we have a Twilight night once a week but this one was alittle different because we had good friends and good food to go with it.  After much planning for the event (OK I made 4 phone calls the afternoon before) I sent out a quick text to pocket Edward to see if he was available to attend.  He text me back and said that he had no pressing appointments on a Monday night and was only planning to hang out in his designated spot on top of the fridge.  So I could count him in.  I had him come over early so he could help me mix up some drinks.  Having existed all these years he makes a great cocktail!










Edward told me that he will only use Bacardi  products with the Kitchen Aid blender so I rushed off to the local Price chopper to stock up. I don’t question Edward on anything, nor should you.  I was going to invite him along but I have a fear that someone I know may see me there and then rumors will spread about my sanity ( people think carrying a 9 inch Edward around is odd?? I know lots of people carrying around 9 inches of plastic in their purse……of course there’s takes batteries and doesn’t look like a vampire God)  Anyway I rushed home and Edward helped me find the perfect mix of citrus carbonated lemonade, ice, rum and mix. I really don’t know what I would do without him!edwardbaquardi

We finished up just in time for girls night.  The doorbell rung and Edward knew that it was time to get his drink on with the ladies!  Always the gentleman he laughed and smiled as everyone came in.  Pouring ice cold daquari’s and making jokes about the drinks being “ice cold like him”  ( too bad we couldn’t devour him like we did the drinks).

When we moved downstairs to watch the movie on the flat screen he politely excused himself. Pocket Edward, just like Rob has a hard time watching the movie. He told me it is even harder to watch on blue ray because everything is so clear, more so with his vampire eyes.  So he retired up stairs to his spot on the fridge. I did offer to let him sleep in the Country cottage as Barbie appears to be vacationing in the basement with 300 of her naked friends. He smiled crookedly at me and said that the fridge would be fine. Such a quality gentleman.

So we ate, we drank, we where merry.  I got alittle outta hand and perhaps rowdy with Pocket Edward out of sight.  My inner fangirl kept calling for his pants to disappear during the movie but alas it never happened. Wish that was in the extended version.  All and all a good night for me though I am tired today.


LIfe as we know it

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So it would seem that life as I know it is about to end.  It is with great sadness I report on the pending death of my laptop which is so sick it may possibly pass on to the other side rest its poor little hard drive. Only in my house could this happen, others can purchase things and have it last years but in Castle Blackmore this is not an option.  All electronics are required to be destroyed by children within a 3 year window (the laptop lasted a year and a half).  So it appears that I will be shopping for a new one in the future should the tax man bless us with some sort of refund (fingers crossed)

SO  tonight is TWILIGHT night! I am very happy about that because any excuse to gawk at Rob’s gorgous face leaves me all warm and tingly (hee hee) Another of my friends has been recruited over to the world of Bella and Edward and to celebrate we must pull ot the blue ray and watch it on the flatscreen (as Bella would say) Not that it has been away for long. I watched the film with the commentary on this weekend. Poor husband had to sit through it again. I did find it funny though, Rob sure loves to bash on himself!

So my group of Twigals are over tonight to drink blood red daquari’s, eat brie cheese, chili dip, other yum yums and whatever amazing dessert Z brings!  Its all good, can’t think of a better way to start off the week that’s for sure!

Its Friday!

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It is Friday! I am so happy to see the weekend arrive!  Not that I have anything great planned for the weekend other than the usual trip to the grocery store, kid to birthday party (thank God its not me hosting it! Back to back birthdays suck, Feb 24, March 19th and April 3) and the never ending job of searching for my house under all the dirt!  Sill its Friday and that alone is liberating enough.

Clearly I have nothing of importance to write today, no real witty stuff I feel the need to express to you.  I have a great thing to write about men but I need to wait to get my laptop back so I can add pictures. SO many ideas, such a shitty computer.  Whats a girl to do I ask?   oh yeah, buy a new computer and hide it away under the bed (or in a secret compartment behind the fridge) so that no one knows about it.  I would get on top of that but A. I have no money to buy said computer and B. My friend who could build said secret compartment got a new job and wouldn’t have time to do the job.

Anyway thats it for today.I suck, nothing good. Try back on MOnday and I will try to impress you with my wise witty worldly ways again!  Love the weekend!

Guess who’s back?

So my title leaves me humming Slim Shady “Guess who’s back? back again, guess who’s back tell a friend…..” OK some will get it and some won’t get it, depends if you like rap full of profanity. Ironically the PTA mom is down with all that.

OK so the computer made it back through the front door and after 10 minutes of “quality time” with my kids its totally screwed again. Gotta love kids, if it can be broken they will break it! So I am reduced to the dinosaur of a clunker in the basement. It moves remarkably slow, takes 10 minutes to load a new page and the monitor is going so the colors are all off.

This people is the dedication I offer to you the reader. I willwork on a total piece of shit in order to attempt to provide you with a simple smile, if lucky a little giggle. I love you all and you may reward me with comments or cheques in denominations over $100 🙂

So in my week of  baroness I had to rely on merely my blackberry for contact with the world. I have no idea how I ever functioned with my crappy little flip phone but I know that there is no going back for me now.  There was once a time long long ago in another universe when I did not have access to the Internet ( I also smoked, was childless, had no grey hair and weighed 1000lbs less) and now my day is not started until I have assessed my e mail and stopped into my favorate site for the Robsessed perverted stalker like type ( that would be over at letterstorob) how I would make it through the day without the wit and laughs I find there I do not know. Thanks Girls!

Anyway as much as I have to share with you all I have to cut this short, little people are demanding some food and I fear if I do not co operate they make seek vengence which in childspeak means it is time to break something. This would be bad because my pocket Edward is out and should his head be ripped off I will require medication to function for the rest of my years.

So this is it, I will return again tomorrow to share many of the thoughts I have had in my absence including my thoughts on the Twilight DVD, my review of Joshua Jackson’snew movie ONE WEEK,  why men totally suck and I am sure there will be some ramblings about my beautiful Rob too.  Don’t forget to tune in to the craziness!

Total Silence

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So this week has been rather different for me. I mean really different.

My day usually consists of a great deal of chatter. On a normal day I would be able to hear the following things around me all happening at once……. a TV playing either Barney or Sponge bob, the laptop music of some kids website, the desktop computer playing the music of a different kids site, girls playing house or Barbies, boys playing Lego or cars, the washing machine churning, the dryer spinning, the furnace blowing, the dishwasher groaning, the gunfire of an xbox  live game echoing down from my sons room, and the radio in the kitchen.

Now some may think that this is an exageration but others with more than one child will know that this is merely the truth. For me,a mother to three and a caregiver to an additional array of kids it is the reality of my life on a daily basis.

This week is different though, really different. Its like a spa day except it works out cheaper.  By the grace of God I have managed to get some day hours to myself, something that is long overdue for me.  At this very moment the only things I can hear are the click of the keys as I type and the furnace blowing.  Talk about a treat!  On Monday I sat on the sofa for an hour and just listened to the silence ( then I took the liberty of doing nothing for the next six hours just because I could) and now today I am doing the same thing. Well actually I am typing this but all the silence around me has me giddy with delight.

I sometimes wish I could just stay home and not have to work.  Not that staying home doesn’t entail work. Anyone with kids can testify that the cleaning,  laundry, kids homework assignments alone is a full time job. Its not all bon bons and daytime soaps like the commercials say ( and who would of thought that the tv could lie) To be honest I would likely go crazy with boredom and eat myself into a coma if that wish became true.  It’s just at times the world can seem like this giant weight on my shoulders, when that happens I wish I could just walk away from that weight and clear my mind but with my life that’s not an option.  I guess what I really need is more days like this one, days of total silence.  The reality is that it will likely be another year before I get one though.

So you may ask what is the point of writing all this down for me the reader? Well, you the reader, I guess I don’t really have a point to my ramblings today. If you are reading this and are still young then may I suggest that you really think about what you want out of life and make sure that you get it. Lost dreams are the worst kind to have.  If  you are older then maybe that last statement to the younger generation may be the point to this post. I am not going to take the time to think about that because I am planning on enjoying my six ( well really three because I have to go do hot lunch at the school today)hours of quiet.


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So simpily put I haven’t written anything in here for awhile which is a shame because my brain could do with a quick download. My brain is wired for sound right now and there is so much shit whipping around in my head that it may be possible that I have lost my mind. Wait, I have THREE kids so that clears up any doubts about my sanity level. I can think about a dozen things to write about but at this moment in time putting them to paper seems like a relatively bad idea. So I will have to come up with some sort of compromise with myself! O.K I think I have found a nice safe topic to talk about. Friendships. So at my ripe old age I have been through all different types of friendships over the years, you can really break this down into two catagories, the first being the friendships with men, the second being friendships with women. As anyone one over the age of 10 should know there is a clear line in the sand between the two. Soon as the sexes are old enough to establish a differance between the sexes it starts. My husband says that it is impossibe for a man and a women to be friends without some sort of a sexual thing being there. I’d like to say that he is wrong, In fact at some point I would of, but as I grow older I find that on some level this is true. Not to say that it is always a two sided street, as it is not. In my life I can evaluate all friendships with men and see that on some level my husband is right. At the same time its gotta leave me wondering about women HE is friends with!lol. So its really complicated to have a friend of the opposite sex at any point of your life because really there is a hidden agenda on someones point. The opposite sexes really can’t relate to one another that well on an open emotional level. Men don’t want to listen to women whine about stuff, women don’t want to listen to men talk about who they scored with. Marriage works because the friendship is actually LOVE, the next step up the ladder. At this point we don’t have to listen to men talk about sex, we just have to deal with the fact that they want it from us all the time. Men accept that we will whine and complain, but they have mastered that listening to us will get them sex. So its really a compromise on both parts for the continuing reproduction of mankind. I can’t talk about the structure of relationships between men as I have no cock and so therefore know knowledge of their social planning. Friendships with women I can talk about. I’m going to clarify now that by friendships with women I do not mean anything sexual, at some point a man may read this and so it should be stated that no sex is going to be discussed. Sorry boys!! Anyway friendships over the years are different as we go through all the fphases of our lifes. I have two friends from when I was just 5 years old. One is still a friend and one is not. Nichole and I remain friends because we have always known eachother and although we are completely different people now we remember that we are really the same when it comes down to the child in us. If I met her when I was 20 instead of 5 we likely wouldn’t of become friends. If I needed her she would be there for me in a heartbeat, even if an ocean does seperate us. She’s a friend who reminds me of youth and innocence, of a childhood with a mother and a father. Now the other friend is Lauren, the three of us were best pals as kids, we stayed friends until 1999 when her life fell apart, cheating husband, nasty divorce and babies to care for. She was a step ahead of me on lifes ladder, I was about to get married and begin a new life while her’s was ending. I’m not sure what happened but she just walked away from us without ever looking back I can only think that it hurt to see us begining when she was suffering. So I haven’t spoken to her in 7 years but she is still my friend if she ever needs me. Again because she holds my youth in her head and heart, she knows me when I was innocent and ignorant of all of lifes complicated road. These friendships I hold close to me even though these people are across the planet living lives so different to mine. There are my friends Winnie and Johanne who saw me through my teenage years. They held my hand while I tried to struggle into who I wanted to be. Even when I wasn’t much of a person to know they stood by me because they knew that eventually I’d straighten out. They were right about that too. We had lots of fun together drinking and getting into trouble,but it was much more than that. Both like me are all grown up and married, one with kids, one without. Like my childhood friends, these friends also live lives differant to mine. In a time of need or in a moment needing clarity we can always count on eachother to be honest and see eachother through whatever is needed. I love these girls like I love my children. I will always be there for them at any stage of our lives. In my very late teens I moved away from Winnie and Johanne to a new community. It was a bad point in my life were I struggled with my past and my personal idenity. Actually I didn’t have an idenity of my own, rather that of the boy who I was currently sleeping with. Daddy issues as some like to call them and which would be likely correct. Through one of these destructive relationships (3 years and he was unknowingly or unwillingly acknowleding that he was gay) I met a girl who was several years younger than me. Laura was the one person from this point in my life who I still know well. I guess that at this point we were so messed up that we can’t remember who are friends were at this point. Anyway she was always on the step behind me in life so to speak, because she was younger than me I guess. When I was drinking daily and destroying everything in my life she was there for me though. She made sure that I lived when I wanted to die. Funny that I say she was on the step of life BEHIND me instead of INFRONT of me when I read this. We went off to college together and in a couple of weeks she is marrying my husbands best friend. You would think that this would make for a great situation for the four of us but its different now. In someways we are still on different pages of our lives. At some point I guess that we will all be at the same point in our lives, and I want that. I love her and wish that we could become closer. Lately with her wedding we have done just this and when she has children I expect we will relate better on lifes complications. I value her greatly. Theres alot of other friendships I can write about but I’m only going to talk about two of them. Both of them would be from my grown up perspective. The first would be my friend Lori, who is also my sister-in-law too. I can’t imagine my life without her. She has held my hand through most of my married downs and has helped me do a lot of growing up over the last decade. She is honest with her evaluation on situations and always tries to help me put things in perspective. This relationship is also like the ladder, except Lori is sort of up a step from me, we are both married with kids but she is older and been married longer. She gets all the anoying stuff about marriage. The other friendship is fairly new and sort of weird. I met a women this summer, Janet, who is the same as me, I mean that she is me in her own messed up way. Cut from the same cloth so to speak. It was clear from the first cup of coffee that we would become best friends and we both knew it. It was the strangest experiance of my life to meet someone who just understood me immediately, she knew me like a friend who you had known forever. I had always been envious of people who had someone like that in their life. The people who had known eachother since grade school and who’s lives had always remained that close. I never had someone like that in my circle of friends, I love them all to death, but no one like that. It was strange to find that person at 35 years old. I’m not afraid to tell her anything about how I feel, no shame in anything because I know that she holds no judgement on me. At this point in my life I consider her an Angel sent to see me safely through inward pains. So this it it, my take on all the friendships we have in this road called life. I don’t try to understand what it is all about because I need no help in my meloncoly these days. I love them all in differant ways but without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. They all helped me become me.

A Promise Kept all all costs

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This is something I wrote about last year and published on another site. I had forgotten about it until yesterday when a lady e mailed me to ask if she could publish it in her book about spirtual encounters. Most of what I write is intended to offer up some entertainment. This time it is not. It may sound crazy to some, if you know me though, it is clear that I’m not crazy that way ( you may think I am after reading this) So here you have it, my own experiance with ghosts and premonitions. I was written with sincerity. Enjoy!!!

I have always felt some odd connection to the spirit world. Like somehow I have a deeper involvement than I know about. I feel an odd connection to the past and often wonder if I lived another life in the past? I don’t have any major encounter’s like some of the stories I have read here but I still feel what I have experienced is worth noting. This is long because it has great sentiment to me and to do the experience justice you need the whole story.

My family history wasn’t by any means the picture of perfection. My mother was never very maternal and when I was a child I was fortunate to have my grandmother to provide me with love and nouturing. My grandma Avis (my dads mom) lived with us when I was little. In England the cost of living is high and so when my parents married they purchased a house with her so that everyone could have a big spacious house. Anyway my dad ran his own business and was never home. I know he loved me very much but he was so driven to succeed and be wealthy–to live the wealthy lifestyle that it was all he did. On many occasions he had asked my grandmother to “make sure Petra is O.k” as my mother would be side-tracked by her horses and animals. I remember hearing this statement many times in the first 11 years of my life.

Now as you may of guessed my mother eventually tired of a marriage to a workaholic alcoholic and decided that she need to start a new life for herself and me in Canada. So it was planned for us to leave and come to Canada. I was excited about the move, the thought of hot summers and winter snow in Canada was very cool to an eleven year old girl who lives in rural Cornwall England.

As the time approached I spent more time with my grandmother who was devastated that her only grandchild be leaving her. I remember one morning my dad coming into my grandmas side of the house with me and saying “mom you’ll take care of her right? I can always count on you to take care of her right?”. Both grandma and I had heard him ask this many times before and so she agreed as usual and he left for work after giving us kisses.

Later that afternoon I was playing house with my dolls in my grandmas caravan and listening to the song “fame” on tape. ( 1981) I suddenly had a thought ( it was very matter of factly) dads dead. Just like that I thought it, and my response to the thought was nothing. Like someone telling you “the toasts ready” well of course the toasts done, I heard it pop. I went back to what I was doing and about an hour later the police arrived to tell my mother and grandmother of my fathers suicide. That moment in the caravan is etched in my mind some 25 years later, I knew all along and was not surprised by the thought of his death or the actual news from the police.

After all was done with we did still come to Canada, we had nothing as my father had made some bad business decisions and lost everything which was the reason for his suicide…pride. We left behind my poor grandmother with a husband lost to the war, no son, and no grandchild to seek comfort in. I was twelve and really did not appreciate what she must of suffered in this dark time of her life. I had a rough go of it over the next ten years of my life as grandma was across the ocean in the most important years to guide me. We kept in touch of course and as the years passed and I grew mature we became close again as we where when I was little. She wasn’t like your typical “old lady” she never passed judgement on my mistakes but instead encouraged me to learn from them and be stronger. She saw me through some really dark hours when I thought my destiny would be the same as my fathers. We spoke every other weekend on the phone. She was overjoyed by the arrival of her first great grandchild James (one of those mistakes she never judged) and told me that she felt me growing stronger everyday. Two years later I married James’ father but she was too sick to travel for the wedding. Then when our son was 3 I found out I was pregnant again, she was excited for us and again went on about how strong I was becoming with my husband at my side. As my pregnancy came close to end I told her I would call her as soon as I got out of recovery (caesarean births) and she said not to worry about that and to focus on the baby, she said you are so strong now, I’m so proud of you, and your dad would be proud too of the woman you have become. It was a touching moment for me as my heart always ached for the father I never got to have.

One week later my grandmother died and my world fell apart. One week after her death I gave birth to a baby girl and with this I found her again.

I came home from the hospital and sat nursing the baby in the rocking chair. I felt a coldness behind me to the right and the hairs on my neck stood up. It is the most intense feeling I have ever had in my life. It was her and I have no doubt in my mind about that. I spoke out loud and told her I knew she was there. I fed that baby for the next month with that feeling around me. Only in that chair. I know why she was there. She told my dad she would always take care of me and she did. She spent her whole life thinking of me once he died.

I found out later that she had been sick for some time before her death but did not want to cause me worry. She was 97 years old and I honestly think she lived that long because of that promise she made to my dad. She came back after she died to make sure that I was o.k and that I had the strength to live out my life. If I did not have that strength I honestly think her ghost would have stayed with me. She only came around during the first moth of my daughters life till she had the answer she needed. She was right, I am strong. I’m strong because of her love over the years. I hope she has all the lost loves of her life back, her husband and my dad. I still miss her and it was 4 years ago.

Amazing how love can have such power over us.

This is my long tale of love and in my heart I believe that there is still more to come

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