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Day 438: Old Husband

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Its pretty quiet around here right now. I only have the one little fellow with me and he is coloring a picture in the kitchen at this moment. Upstairs is a sleeping spouse.  He has been suffering from headaches the past 6 months more so than usual.  I was worried for a while as he had a lump on his head but after sending him to the doctors it is apparently just a cyst that he can get removed.  The headaches are worrisome too though.  I have always thought that he gets more headaches than the average person. I mean I think that I could make a family size bottle of Advil last me an entire lifetime, but it seems that we go through several bottles a year.  The doctor is sending him for a cat scan sometime soon and I guess they want to do another test as the clinic just called and said that they need him to come fill out some forms first.  I’m really not a person to worry over little things but as we get older I find I have more concerns about stuff.

My guess is that the headaches are environmental, they got worse after he started at his current job and he is working in a paint plant so who knows?  He has gone from mild headaches to migraines which is the part that concerns me. I mean migraines are in his family, his mother, brothers and our son suffer from them but prior to this year he hasn’t.  I’m sure that it will figure itself out, just glad that he will be getting looked at now that I bullied him into seeing the doctor.




Summertime crazies……..

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So with the summer comes the neverending rush to keep up with things. This is why I have not written anything here for such along while. I have some great ideas but none have yet made it from my mind to this blog. I figure that in September I may have some time to get things rolling.

Those ideas you may ask? Well one is to start a campground review and a site review for each place we have visited. I’m going to include pictures as I know I wish that the provincial website did.

Another idea is to start a diary of sorts in hopes that it may help me loose some weight. I’m iffy about that one so we will wait and see.

Anyway I have not forgotten about this place, or my main man RPazz but summer is my time to live. Winter I go back into the house till the sun returns.

Guess who’s back?

So my title leaves me humming Slim Shady “Guess who’s back? back again, guess who’s back tell a friend…..” OK some will get it and some won’t get it, depends if you like rap full of profanity. Ironically the PTA mom is down with all that.

OK so the computer made it back through the front door and after 10 minutes of “quality time” with my kids its totally screwed again. Gotta love kids, if it can be broken they will break it! So I am reduced to the dinosaur of a clunker in the basement. It moves remarkably slow, takes 10 minutes to load a new page and the monitor is going so the colors are all off.

This people is the dedication I offer to you the reader. I willwork on a total piece of shit in order to attempt to provide you with a simple smile, if lucky a little giggle. I love you all and you may reward me with comments or cheques in denominations over $100 🙂

So in my week of  baroness I had to rely on merely my blackberry for contact with the world. I have no idea how I ever functioned with my crappy little flip phone but I know that there is no going back for me now.  There was once a time long long ago in another universe when I did not have access to the Internet ( I also smoked, was childless, had no grey hair and weighed 1000lbs less) and now my day is not started until I have assessed my e mail and stopped into my favorate site for the Robsessed perverted stalker like type ( that would be over at letterstorob) how I would make it through the day without the wit and laughs I find there I do not know. Thanks Girls!

Anyway as much as I have to share with you all I have to cut this short, little people are demanding some food and I fear if I do not co operate they make seek vengence which in childspeak means it is time to break something. This would be bad because my pocket Edward is out and should his head be ripped off I will require medication to function for the rest of my years.

So this is it, I will return again tomorrow to share many of the thoughts I have had in my absence including my thoughts on the Twilight DVD, my review of Joshua Jackson’snew movie ONE WEEK,  why men totally suck and I am sure there will be some ramblings about my beautiful Rob too.  Don’t forget to tune in to the craziness!

Edward Cullen goes to grade 2

Posted in My kids and Family by pishposh71 on February 24, 2009
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So it has come to my families attention that I suffer from E.C.D (Edward Cullen disorder) and I have to say that it has been taken rather well by the kids and even the husband has to get credit for his understanding (or it may simply be lack of caring)
I have been sick the past few weeks drowning in my own snot and this has been depressing for me, however the other day my doorbell rung and I got the best surprise in the world. My very own little Edward Cullen to call my own.  Now the family thinks this is rather interesting. My 11 year old is on MSN sharing the great news with God knows how many girls at his school ( who I will have to watch like a hawk for fear of possible doll abduction) and my daughter is making cards for valentines day about loving vampires. Last night she had the class “mystery bag” and the following is what happened. 

The journal of clues
The journal of clues