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Day 588: Golden Silence is unsettling

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on July 16, 2011

Facts about me.
I am a mother.
I am a daycare provider.
I have a house that is always noisy
I am always on the go
I always have a list on paper, my blackberry or my head at all times.
I hate being bored and require entertaining so I don’t end up in a coma.

Facts about this weekend.
My youngest kids are gone camping.
My oldest kid is at my mother-in-laws.
I don’t have daycare on weekends.
I don’t have a dozen stray kids when my kids are gone.
I still require entertaining.
I still have a to do list in my head.
Its a weird and quiet weekend. When I have an empty nest I may go crazy or have perm-a-grin at the perfection of cleanliness my house will have.

So what the hell do yo do when you don’t have kids? I mean other than the obvious thing.
For us it is going out for dinner. A meal out for 5 is limited to only McDonald’s or places like that because of the cost factor. The hubby and I checked out a new wing place and had a nice meal. I had pulled BBQ pork as I am not a wing person. We went to Walmart and didn’t even go to toys or get a cart. No one whined to get anything which was fantastic. We came home and I managed to talk my husband into riding his bike with me for my evening 5K run as it was almost 11 when I went. That was rather cool. Came home and almost flashed the neighbor with my exit of the pool which was not so cool. I swear my white untanned bits actually glow in the dark.
All in all a pretty relaxing night but weird as shit not to have the kids with me that’s for sure.


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