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Day 581: Boobs

Posted in Re Inventing Me,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on July 9, 2011

It should start off by admitting that I did not do my planned 2K run to the gym, workout and 2K home.  I did however do 5K including my horrible hill I hate.  My time was a horrible 41 minutes.  That said the last time I did this loop it was 43 minutes so it is an improvement overall.  I guess my times are relative to the actual map I run.  I guess I should do that first one again and see if I do it in less than 51 minutes.

The best part about last nights run is that I was totally into it. I just zoned out and went.  I walked 2 minutes then just ran till I was tired, had a drink and walked a few minutes then ran until I got home.  By run I mean shuffle along in a slow jog to be clear.  It was bloody hot out there even at 8:30 at night.  When I got home I ran upstairs and did a lightning fast switch from Lulu to swimsuit and jumped into the pool. OMG best feeling ever!!!!  I love having a pool, I love having a pool at night after all the kids are in bed even more. After my pool float I went inside and had a leisurely bubble bath. It was the perfect night.

Today I learned that speed-work will make me faster.  Today’s goal is to find out what speed-work is and how I can use it to my advantage.

Lots of my friends are up in Barrie this weekend to do the Warrior Dash and I have to admit that I am sort of jealous of them.  I think that next year I may actually sign up for one of these things and give it a go. Hell if I do the Barrie one I can even make it a weekend of camping for the family too and visit old friends.

Now onto BOOBS.  As anyone I have ever met can tell you I most certainly have boobs, they are a fairly predominant feature to my frame even now after taking off 55 lbs.  I had originally said that I intended to wait until I had lost all my weight (another 30 to 45 lbs depending on toning) to make a decision about these puppies.  I had hoped that as I lost weight I would lose boobs too.  As is the case with most large busted woman that’s not happened as much as I had hoped.  I was a 36 full c cup in the good old days, I then rocketed to a 42E cup and now sit at a 38DD.  That said I have decided to move forward with the plan of a breast reduction.  My physical is scheduled for the start of August which is when I will get the referral and my hopes are to have it done in January.  The one big downfall is that running becomes a no no for 4 to 6 months afterwards (that’s why I picked when I did) which I am not so keen on. I heal well so maybe I can do it in less………..


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