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Day 577: The one with the husband

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on July 5, 2011

I have a husband. He is a pretty good guy for the most part but has been known to be lazy in some regards.

An example of his laziness?  My recent decision to drink coffee.  He was all excited because he thought this would increase the number of trips made to Tim Hortons (and he was correct in his assumption) as we went through the drive thru daily to order 2 extra large double double coffee’s, one with sweetener.  He knows that I am new to the world of coffee drinking. I am a virgin in a world off java hoes.

What the little bastard decided not to tell me was that they use CREAM in coffee. Not 10% cream but 18% cream, as in place fat directly on my ass without passing go cream.  Why would he do this when he knows that I am working so hard? and yes he knew it was cream as he mentioned it to his brother several weeks ago. Well his reasoning was it makes the drink order more complicated. WTF is with that.  When I do his laundry I remember to add the soap (even though its more complicated) when I make dinner I cook the chicken thoroughly (even though it’s more complicated) you can see my point right?

So husband makes it to the dog house.


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