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Day 576: Feet and other more important stuff

Posted in Re Inventing Me,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on July 4, 2011

My feet are nice and clean again.

My feet do not hurt or ache from my new shoes.

My feet are happy that they got to run with Ben Davis and a great bunch of people in the Toronto Do Life on Saturday.

As you all know I was roughing it this weekend at a provincial park.  Most will know that I am a summer girl at heart and nothing makes me happier than being off camping with my family.

Friday night was great and the kids enjoyed the fireworks from the comfort of our own site.  I had all my stuff packed, ready and organized by 8pm (no surprises there).  The trick was to get up and ready without waking up the entire trailer.  The alarm was set for 6:45am and I was in bed by 11:30, however I was pretty excited and didn’t actually fall asleep until about 12:30.  I awoke at 6am when my husband shook me awake thinking I should be up. Nice that he woke me but would have been nicer if he had listened to me say, “I’m getting up at 6:45 and you can get up at 8” and let me have another 45 minutes of sleep.  Since I couldn’t get back to sleep I snuck out the trailer and off to the showers.  This is the one thing about camping I don’t really love. The showers are usually hot and I don’t mind pressing the water button 46 times to complete my shower but I do hate trying to get dressed in that stall.

Husband is up at 8am and we leave the park for the train station. I grabbed a coffee and sandwich at McDonald’s (yeah I know) and I was off!!  Met up with Tanya in a few stops. I have never met her before but she used to work with my husband. I gave her the link to Ben a couple of days ago so she has just started the read.

Got off at Union and got really excited when I saw a guy in a DO LIFE shirt and his friend with the camera . In retrospect I think I may off come off like a lunatic but it’s not the first time.  We headed downstairs to meet up with another old friend Johanne (BFF grade 9) and then bumped into the other DO LIFERS from the platform again.  Since we all had no clue which way to go we asked and headed off through the sky tunnel together.  Learned the guys where Tony and Kevin and they had come down from Ottawa for the day.  I as usual talked constantly but I’m holding to the excuse that I was excited.

Crossing the tunnel we can see the group and I can feel a big smile forming on my face.  It’s a very strange feeling to meet someone who you really feel like you know personally.  I was super excited when Ben greeted me and knew who I was before being told.  I guess that means that I comment too much or that I may receive a restraining order shortly. I’m hoping for the first one.

Meeting Pa was pretty cool. Dude is very tall and pretty quiet.  I kept thinking how very cool it must be to see your kid do something like this. Jed wasn’t there as he went home to see his family and so photo duties went to Brooke’s brother who was super smart and rode his bike. Met another great girl full of spirit named Laura who reminded me a lot of my over zealous self (there are much worse traits to have)

We all proceeded down to the start point and started the run.  I had decided to do 10’s and 2’s for the entire thing and I think that I did for the best part of it. We did a loop and Ben waited at the halfway point to spin us around. There was an official line so we knew what to do though. As you looped back around you would slap hands with those still approaching the turn, it was a great feeling of group spirit and encouragement.

Very official turning point ( it was imported chalk)

My time seemed really good at 33 minutes (for me) until I found out it had only been 3.1km and then it became a terrible time. I am going to think about the fact that less than a year ago I couldn’t move 500 meters and let it go.  Cause for the mishap was Ben’s super duper smart AllSport GPS that knew he had crossed into Canada and switched to KM when Ben thought it was still in miles.  Doesn’t matter though, our hearts where in it and that’s all it was about anyway.

Me doing something stupid with my arms at the finish line

Everyone waited at the finish line and cheered each other in as we came. It was a great feeling.

Next it was time to eat.  I had a ham and brie sandwich that was amazing.  More talking and sharing stories was great. Lots of Tumblrs experiencing similar stories.

Does this guy ever take a bad picture? I don't think he does.

After we ate it was time to head out.  Got some Tumblr blog info so I can follow these new faces and said my goodbyes to the Davis men.  I told Ben that when I don’t want to run I just remember his entry about how you HAVE to run when you don’t want to.

It was an amazing experience and I am so glad that I went. My life has changed in so many ways in the last year or so and I am so thankful for each person I meet and each new new memory I can make for myself in the journey.


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