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Day 567: The one where I complain

Posted in My Life thoughts by pishposh71 on June 25, 2011

I don’t really know why we hold any stock in what the weatherman says anymore. The last 2 days it has said its going to storm and we have had light rain and sunshine. I felt sort of bad as the kids wanted into the pool and not everyone had their gear. I always feel bad for the ones stuck on the sideline.

I spent a lot of time on the sidelines growing up. My mom treated me like a little adult and I never really feel like I had any fun as a kid.  I guess that’s why I just let my kids be kids. Before I know it they will be grown up and can deal with the nonsense of life then.  I guess that’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I am fine with that. I just want my kids to run and play, to ride bikes, to swim, to play without a care in the world, that’s what I want for my kids and its the philosophy behind my parenting.

That said, we are off to celebrate a first birthday today, can’t believe a year has passed already. It flies by so fast when they are little.  On Monday we will see our oldest son graduate grade 8, gone are the days of Thomas the tank engine and cuddles on the couch. Now its can I get a ride here, can I have a few bucks for this or that. Amazing how it flies by.



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