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Day 561: And now I know

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on June 19, 2011

About 4 years ago I had social services show up on my doorstep. An anonymous call had come in stating that I babysat about twenty kids, that I locked them in the basement, that I left them unsupervised in the pool ( how I can do both is beyond me) and a variety of other things. These 2 women spent about an hour and a half in my house making me feel like total shit and looking for anything they could to say negative about me and my home. One actually told me I needed to put a fence around my pool. I told her that there is a fence around my yard and my yard is so small you couldn’t put up a second fence. Clearly the woman was a total idiot.
Anyway after the time here they left satisfied that I wasn’t watching twenty kids (hello? not my problem if there’s a dozen strays floating around out there!)  or doing anything wrong and went on their merry way. My poor kids where totally traumatized by the experience and for the next few weeks I had to fight with them to go to school or leave the house.  My daycare families where furious that someone would put me through such a nightmare experience and several of them called and reported complaints about the way I was treated.  The entire thing was horrible and emotionally draining to say the least. I was horrified that anyone would think that I was doing any of these things and really hurt that someone thought so little of me. I wondered who it was, my close neighbors comforted me and said not to let it get me down.

Four years later.

Tonight I was told that it was actually my neighbor directly beside me who made these statements about me in a cowardly anonymous letter to child protective services. My neighbor who’s lawn I have mowed, who every year I try to keep the yard clean because he is so meticulous with his, my neighbor who I have always been kind, thoughtful and friendly to. A man who has always been so nice to my face, who says he doesn’t mind if the kids are on his lawn when I warn them to stay off it, who is always quick to give me a smile and a wave.
Well I guess that I get to see one side of the coin as clearly he has quite another opinion behind my back.
So here I am stressing about the weeds in my interlocking brick between our houses as I know it will bother him. I was actually going to go pull them out after dinner but now I don’t feel so inclined to give a fuck. What a jerk.


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