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Day 549: Do Life Alterations

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on June 7, 2011

So as most already know I’m a big fanatic of the entire DO LIFE phenomenon and so just had to have a shirt.  I should mention that I am not really a t-shirt sorta gal but I can make an exception this time around.  Well my shirt arrived last week and I was very happy as I figured it would get stuck in with the mail of the postal strike.  I was sad though as it was really huge on me and I am not a baggy t-shirt sorta gal either.  Good thing someone (not sure who) taught me to thread a needle! I cut off the sleeves and opened up both sides of the shirt then pinned a rough idea where I needed it. Took it off and then adjusted the pins so that line was tidy with a slight curve inward at the waist.

I sewed the sides up and then adjusted the shoulders and arm holes to fit better and put the cap sleeves back on.  Now my shirt fits me much better and I can wear it with pride!

Sorry I can’t take a good picture. Some people are just not photogenic and that would be the category I fall into!


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