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Day 532: Long Weekends

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on May 21, 2011

While the fortunate folks are off away in their campers I am spending this long weekend at home with a list of things to do that rivals Santa’s.  My goal this year is to try to delegate more in hopes that I don’t do my usual routine of doing too much and hurting my back.  I find that in my environment it is easier to just do everything than try to teach others what to do as they never learn on the first try to every year I have to explain it again.  That said for the sake of my training program I am going to try again.

The sun is shining today so in a few hours we will go and fetch our trailer for the afternoon. I have to drain the lines free of antifreeze and put back all our towels and bedding.  I did a massive grocery shop last night ($346 *gulp*) which means that I have most of the food we need for our trip next weekend.  I will pack our clothes and what food I can today so there is minimal work on Friday when we go to leave.

Since the pool liner has lifted from the walls I am going to wait until the first weekend in June to deal with this.  We will likely have to drain the entire pool empty and then have the pool people suction the liner back into its form while a truckload of water is added back into it.  Not really a great open but I have come to learn that it’s always something every spring when I do the damn thing.

My gardens look horrible and I appear to have a new infestation of dandelions that need to be dealt with too.  I will have to cut those out today too if time permits.

Hopefully we will get around to the rafters and pull down the summer stuff for the kids.  That should go OK as I have already done a garage clean up earlier in the week.

There are other little things too but you get the idea…….

Now I am off for my run before it gets too warm.


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