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Day 531: My Own Worst Enemy!

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on May 20, 2011

It’s a word we all know well, even more so if you have ever taken on the daunting task of weight loss.  I am the queen of sabotage and have spent the better part of my life in various states of self-destruction so I could be considered an expert on the matter!

When it comes to exercise and diet the number one thing that will derail you will be sabotage.

The most common form will be your own, meaning that you will allow yourself to give in to temptation.  I know firsthand how easy that is to do, to fall back into those same old habits and make excuses for yourself.  Oh! I just don’t have the time to get to the gym; I just don’t have the time to cook dinner tonight!!  Maybe you really don’t have the time but you need to evaluate the situation and make changes accordingly.  I have learnt this first hand over the last year and found that I need to be accountable to myself.  Let’s face it, we know our own schedules right? So we know about those time restraints and could plan for it if we put some thought into it.  A prime example of this would be this following weekend for me as I know that I have no time to do either of these things as we are going away camping. My simple solution?  I will go to the gym in the morning and I will make dinner in advance so we can eat it on the ride up to the campground. This is a solution that allows me to stay on track and the planning is my solution to potential self-sabotage.

We then have the emotional eating.  Most people in my boat are emotional eaters. Be it boredom, depression or whatever the reason.  I have identified and come to terms that I am one of these people. My instinct is to now think about if I really need to eat something or not? Am I eating for hunger or other reasons? This usually works but we all have our bad day’s right?  No different to anyone else I have low days that leave me wanting the comfort of food.  How can I deal with this?  I can make smart choices.  So rather than wolfing down a bag of 2 bite brownies I can make a better decision to eat half a dozen two bite protein muffins I baked and froze.  The end result? I did eat for emotional reasons but rather than feeling guilty and worse about myself for what I did I can look at the single positive thing I did. Pick a better food.  One day I would like to ban the whole emotional eating thing from my life but Rome was not built in a day and we all have moments of weakness. The trick is to find a way to make a situation as positive as you can.  It is just too easy to let yourself give up and then the cycle becomes worse as you then feel worse about yourself.

You have to be open to growth in yourself, each day you will learn more and become a stronger person for it both emotionally and physically.

Taking it one day and one step at a time.


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