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Day 528: I hate my legs

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on May 17, 2011

I have never liked my legs at any point in my life.  I have always had large thighs and calfs which can be bothersome to say the least.  At the moment I am sort of liking them and they look better than they did. Don’t get me wrong, they are still gross, but not as gross at they used to be!  I was blessed with the cure of varicose veins (thanks mom) and with the added weight and my low blood pressure they got worse and worse.  I have noticed an interesting thing this last week though and yesterday I did some research online to see if I am just wishfully thinking.  What I have noticed is that they have not seemed quite as inflamed as they usually are in the last week.  Now I have started my spring routine of sunless tanning lotion (I am pasty white, thanks mom) so that helps hide the blueness but they haven’t been as bumpy as usual.  I know that’s gross right!

Well my reading has told me that the following things can help with varicose veins. I should also mention that my family doctor said that it is genetic and that nothing I do will help fix them and to just live with it (thanks for nothing Dr.)

  • overweight people suffer from worse veins, taking off excess weight can help reduce them
  • elevating your legs when sitting can help reduce inflammation
  • diet can help reduce them
  • exercise can help reduce them
  • walking, jogging or running can significantly reduce them as circulation is regular
  • veins will not go away but will not be puffy and as noticeable if the above suggestions are followed.

So when I asked if I could do anything to improve on the situation I was not given any of this advice. I was also told NO when I asked to have them removed.  I was told that I was obese and that I needed to take off a lot of weight.

I guess the vein thing going down (if they indeed do stay down) will be an added bonus.  I would like to wear a bathing suit in public again without being self conscious and that’s going to take more than weight loss with those veins.

I would love to have firm legs with minimal fat on them, feel comfortable with exposing them to the world!  Hopefully this wish will come true again.


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