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Day 510: Happily Ever After

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 29, 2011

I have pure English blood coursing through my veins. I remember watching with anticipation to see Charles and Dianna wed.  It really was a fairytale wedding, one that every little girl watched in awe and imagined as their own. We all gathered around the TV in the bell room and watched for hours in amazement. It really was a Cinderella story.  The beautiful coach, the horses with the tassels and flumes, the cheer of the crowd and the pure energy in the air. It is imbedded in the minds of every little English girl of my generation.

Today it was the same feeling all over again, except here I am in my living room with a cup of tea as a grown woman instead of sitting cross legged on the floor in my brown leather shoes.  The same magic in the air leaves me feeling young again and optimistic for the future.

I have lived to witness 2 generations of Royals marry and I take joy in something so historical.  Congratulations to William and Kate!!


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