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Day 503: A quiet sort of busy

Today is Good Friday and so I have the pleasure of my entire family being home together except for the oldest son who ditched us to go to his grandmothers..  They don’t know this yet but I want to do some sort of family activity together at some point. One that does not involve controllers, re-spawning or 100 kills.  Maybe a good old-fashioned board game is in order?

I went off last night on my mission to run a dozen errands and ended up in that “trouble comes in threes” situation.  I missed the natural food store by 4 lousy minutes of closing, then realized I had left my blackberry back at this bulk barn someplace, then my husband asked if I had the slip to renew his sticker (which I didn’t) so we had to turn around and start all over again.  Walmart was a total zoo which is always the case when a holiday is upon us but I did get most of what I needed for my husbands birthday dinner on Saturday night.  I am hoping to get all my prep work done today as I have lots to do tomorrow before our friends arrive.  The only thing I could not find for the life of me was evaporated cane juice, I tried Walmart, the health isle of Canadian Superstore and the closed health food store, no luck.  I did however get a bag from my friend Erika who purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart of all the strange places! I guess that earns her a coconut cream pie if I have enough of everything to make two of them!

So short and sweet today, things to do, beds to make, laundry to wash, pies to make, hair to trim (husbands) I tell you I lead the most glamorous of lives !


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