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dAY 492:This tastes GROSS!!

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 11, 2011

Today I learned how to take a bowl of perfectly yummy oatmeal and ruin it.  Sadly enough I will eat it this one time as I know its good for me.  However I will not be revisiting it again. So how does one ruin oatmeal? Easy! just add a scoop of protein powder into it. BLAH!!

Nope, I lied. Cant do it! I’m throwing it in the trash and whipping up some egg whites.

So uneventful Monday morning. I got up at 5am with plans to go to the gym but then my neighbor never surfaced so that didn’t happen.  I did decide that since I was up already that I should try to make the best of the situation so I jogged around the block once.  I had thought about just going back to bed instead but I’m glad I didn’t.  When I came back inside I went on-line and started looking for websites that will let me track a route.  I found one and discovered that the loop around my block is just shy of 1 kilometer. My logic is that we all have to start someplace and this is my place to start. Last year I couldn’t even make it to the bottom of the driveway and back without a side cramp.  So I will start here and take it from there.  I have a friend on my street who offered to run with me but she is in very good health and I know I would just be holding her back, further proven by her first jog being a 5K one and mine being a 1k struggle. Oh well, time builds endurance it would seem based on my experiences at the gym with weights.

Well I must go start the day I guess………


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