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Day 485: Really? Seriously? Seriously???

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 4, 2011

Oh yesterday started out so well, with such bright intentions and promise. Till the handle of life gave it a big ol flush.

I wrote my entry yesterday and then got ready to ride my bike over to the gym. Excited as I hadn’t been in a few days.  I went to get my water bottle and noticed it wasnt ice-cold like usual. I investigated (my first mistake as I  should have just gone to the gym!) and found out that all my freezer food was now raw. Not a good thing.  We have a big side by side fridge freezer combo and I keep it pretty stocked.  I immediately sent my husband to borrow a mini bar fridge so we could salvage stuff from the fridge.  That done I began trying with the help of another friend to figure out the problem. We think it’s the compressor.  My neighbors across the street say I can have their fridge because they bought a new one. It works fine but has a small water leak which they were told was easy to fix. They just got a new one as the renovated the kitchen. I spend an hour digging it out their garage and another 3 hours cleaning it up.  My husband and father in law dropped it on the way across to our house and spent an hour repairing a hinge that got bent when it happened. So about 6 hours after this all starts I have a cold fridge in my garage to put stuff in.  Make a mad dash to the grocery store to pick up supplies for our daughters birthday dinner and just walk in the door when the first guests arrive (we had 17 for dinner).  Once everyone clears out at 9pm I realize that I have paperwork I HAVE to finish for Monday at noon. So I then do that and have it ready to print once I get to the school. I got all my stuff organized for the morning and drop into bed at 11.30pm with plans for a Monday morning at 5.30am so I can go to the gym, yay go to the gym (it’s all I want!)…………….

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<INSERT SLEEP HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

…………………………………………………2am: Phone call to say my brother-in-law is in the hospital with heart problems, can Kevin go over to sleep there as the kids are locked in the house alone?  Kevin heads over and I realize that I will not be going to the gym at 6am if he is not here to be with our kids.  I also can’t get to school to print off that paperwork needed by noon because I am watching an extra kiddo my sister-in-law babysits. Plus I have a fridge repair guy showing up at some point to determine which fridge of the 2 I now have will be cheaper to fix. I predict it will be the one in the garage that we got from the neighbors. I am thankful that we where here to help them as there is nothing we wouldn’t do to help, and am now waiting to hear the prognosis.

I should also add that I had another weird thing happen last night. It used to happen all the time before I lost this first 48 lbs but not since then.  Last night all the toes on my right foot swelled up like little sausages and itched like CRAZY!!!! When I got up this morning the right toes had gone to normal and my left ones had done it. It was uncomfortable but I elevated it awhile and it has gone down a lot in the last few hours.  Not sure what that was about? Sodium maybe? we did have ready-made frozen hamburgers on buns? I wasnt in a position to do much else though!

Hopefully things will return to normal today, there was a time this have driven me to eat eat eat. Rather I am hoping that I can just get a workout in tonight before we go for groceries and likely have to bring the fridge from the garage inside (oh, that’s gunna be some fun-its huge!)


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