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Day 484: but its Sunday…….

I am a lazy person at heart.  Deep in my core there is nothing I like more that to curl up with a good book by the fire and do nothing at all, or to sleep in, oh yeah, I love to sleep in.  I am so not a morning person.  I am that person who gives you the stink eye and may cut off your hand with a butter knife if you smile at me before my cup of tea. It’s just how I am programmed.

My husband on the other hand can get up and be his usual self.  It may take him 45 minutes of snooze to get up but once he is up he is up. I would like to change this about myself.  When I worked outside the house I was up, dressed for public viewing with hair and make up completed, fed both my small son (he was small back then) and myself.  We caught the bus at 6:10am to take him to the sitters. I did it without a snooze button and no one was hurt or maimed in the process.

Today I find myself awake and up early for a Sunday morning. 8am is a weekday thing around here!  That said I am still up (I went to bed at 2am) and motivated to get to the gym. I havent been in three days as I have been busy or sick.  So today I get back into my routine of workouts.  The three-day break gave me some insight into my body though. I had a chance to see what hurts if I let up on it a little.  I already knew that my right elbow was feeling a little off (I know exactly what I was using when I did that) and now I am feeling an oddity in my left knee.  Simple solution: I will let off on these 2 areas and let them rest a little.  Starting at the local gym was sort of like a race horse out of the gate, hard and furious, sooner or later it has to pace out!

So I am off to start my day.  One that I believe will be VERY busy as we are hosting my daughter’s birthday party here tonight. I have lots to do as I did nothing Friday night (sick) and spent the entire day yesterday shopping the mall with my daughter (what a great day it was with just us two) so I have no groceries for next week yet, or party food, or my weekly Wal-Mart trip (we have to buy and assemble a TV unit before Thursday night when the hubbies new TV arrives)

So I am up, have eaten and am going to bike to the gym (if I can get my bike down without killing myself from the garage roof) Today’s motivation comes from a good friend of mine, who seems to always believe in me and what I can do.  It means the world to me as I spent a lifetime being told what I COULDNT DO.  Friends that tell you YOU CAN DO IT are a blessing to my life, heart and soul.

I leave you with this quote by a new friend I have made on Facebook. Another success story and life greatly enhanced by the drive and determination to be her best.

“Self-esteem takes a long time to build up if you lack it but only a few poorly chosen words to tear it down. Words can hurt without your intention so choose them carefully. ”  Mary Kay Valenti



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  1. andrew said,

    Good idea about resting those nagging injuries! Those little things can turn into big things if you let them!

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