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Day 511: Weigh In Day

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 30, 2011

Saturday mornings are a very set routine for me. If possible I try to sleep in. I do this as it is a simple pleasure in life and it is FREE.  Whe I crawl out of bed I will use the bathroom and hop onto the scale to see what the damage is.  Today I received Nada for my efforts. Exactly the same weight as I was one week ago at 198 lbs.  I can say that although I felt a little disappointed it didn’t depress me like it has in the past.  After all this time I have become accustomed to the highs and lows of the scale and have come to terms with the fact that I may not see a negative each week.

My mind has finally allowed me to move beyond the scale. I no longer see the number as my accomplishments but rather how my body feels to me.  It is a good feeling to break past this and I am proud of my own growth.

I have noticed that I feel more confident in my appearance, I stand straighter and hold my head higher.  I have hips again and a curve at the waist again and I try to showcase these new found features in my dress.  I know my body is far from perfect yet but at the same time I can finally see in my mind my own potential.

This feeling alone leaves me contented today.


Day 510: Happily Ever After

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 29, 2011

I have pure English blood coursing through my veins. I remember watching with anticipation to see Charles and Dianna wed.  It really was a fairytale wedding, one that every little girl watched in awe and imagined as their own. We all gathered around the TV in the bell room and watched for hours in amazement. It really was a Cinderella story.  The beautiful coach, the horses with the tassels and flumes, the cheer of the crowd and the pure energy in the air. It is imbedded in the minds of every little English girl of my generation.

Today it was the same feeling all over again, except here I am in my living room with a cup of tea as a grown woman instead of sitting cross legged on the floor in my brown leather shoes.  The same magic in the air leaves me feeling young again and optimistic for the future.

I have lived to witness 2 generations of Royals marry and I take joy in something so historical.  Congratulations to William and Kate!!

Day 509: Shoes and Movies

OK sometimes the tunnel vision takes over of me and I end up finding a way to rationalize even the craziest of my ideas. These shoes are a prime example of this.  Do I need these shoes? no. Do I have anyplace to wear these shoes? no. Do I really want to spend money on these shoes? no.   The great thing about my new positive thinking exercise is that you can apply it to other areas of your life!!!!  Do I need these shoes? Yes, because they make me look forward to wearing them with my great new figure I’m working on. Do I have anyplace to wear these shoes? Yes! I can wear them to the grocery store and learn how to walk in them so when I do have an event I will be ready for it! Do I really want to spend money on these shoes? Yes, that is why I have a Visa card.

See? Isnt that great!! I love this new mindset.

Last night I went to the movies with a friend to see WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.  I am a big Robert Pattinson fan and so needless to say I enjoyed watching him in yet another love story.  Reese Witherspoon’s character was good too and overall I liked the film a lot although it was a little slow.

Today the wind is whipping around my house and making me feel cold.  Hopefully it dies down before tonight when I go off to the gym!

Day 508: No Rain

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 27, 2011

I am so happy today because its not raining. I’m not a fan of rain. I only like the sun.

Its another busy day so I don’t have time to really write. I promise that I will tomorrow though!!

Day 507: Stupid Hot Lunch and shoes…….

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 26, 2011

Today is a mad rush of stupid hot lunch stuff.  My morning was spent creating the usual array of spreadsheets required to process the schools order.  I am now waiting to run over to the school so that I can start some of it at home so we have a head start for tonight.  I am so glad that we only have Junes left to do!

I am still thinking about those silly shoes.  They may look stupid on the bottom of my big legs.  I still really like them though…..part of me is hoping that they will be gone when I go back next time, part of me is hoping that I will getting them. Oh the guilt of $80 shoes for no real reason!!!

Well this is about it for now. I cant remember if I actually posted that I had a loss of 1.6 lbs this week but I did. Making me an even 198 lbs. Still along way to go but well on the way right?

Day 506: Monday

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 25, 2011

Monday was terrific as I took the day off. Its not too often that I take a day off just for the sake of it but I did this time because I had promised to take my mom shopping. I was up bright and early as I originally had a coffee date that fell through so I had plenty of time to do my hair and pretty myself up.

My mom arrived around 10 and after a quick brunch we headed off to look for a computer for her.  We ended up with a laptop and a printer. She doesnt need much power as she is new to the computer world….unless you count her old computer she got in 1985 (which I don’t)

We went to Winners where I fell head over heals in love with a pair of completely ridiculous shoes.  They have the highest heal I have ever seen in my life and are black patent peek a boo toes. They fit me really well which is usually a problem for me when I try really high ones on.  However they where GUESS so they had a $80 price tag. I came home without them but I may cave and go back……….

Day 505: Sunday Easter Dinner

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 24, 2011

So here I am! Tardy little me back dating entries by a few days because life got busy!

So Sunday was our families Easter dinner.  We ended up with 2 small turkeys this year and I so graciously offered to cook one of them.  I did this because I wanted to make my own stuffing and try to clean it up alittle.  So I had the bird ready and stuffed and in the oven by 11am.  Headed off to the gym with my sister in law after that and did a quick hour workout before flting home to shower and get ready to go out.  I was disappointed that I couldnt take my friend Kathy with me to the local gym but I didnt think far enough ahead to ask for a liability waiver for her to use it.  The one thing I really love about this gym is the access I have to it all the time with my swipe card.  The downfall is because its not staffed all the time I cant just bring a friend along anytime I want to use it.  Those are the breaks I guess!

Anyway dinner went well.  I stayed away from the potatoes and opted for some of my stuffing instead along with some white meat and lots of veggies.  I allowed myself a slice of raspberry pie for dessert which was divine!

Day 504: Better later than never?

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 23, 2011

So this entry comes a day to late but in my defense I was running around like crazy all day.  There was a slight slip up last night that involved several bottles of red wine and some poker of which I cannot seem to master. That said I did seem to manage to stay in the game for a fair amount of time.  I woke up the next morning feeling like I had spent the night in some other era, apparently not the case as I don’t have a time machine!

I did go to the gym and plowed my way through my workout with the usual self inflicted guilt (wine) on my mind.  We then took a run over to my mother in laws to pick up our oldest son to bring home.  That didn’t go well and he ended staying there so he could see his cousins.  Headed home in time to meet my friend who had just run a crazy 23.23 km to my house.

We had our diner party with our friends and I made all my recipes from my Eat Clean magazine.  Much to my delight they all tasted great!  We had a creamy asparagus soup with home made croutons, crab meat and red peppers, dinner was smothered steaks with cauliflower and potato mash then for dessert we had a coconut cream pie.

Another nice evening with friends and good food.

Day 503: A quiet sort of busy

Today is Good Friday and so I have the pleasure of my entire family being home together except for the oldest son who ditched us to go to his grandmothers..  They don’t know this yet but I want to do some sort of family activity together at some point. One that does not involve controllers, re-spawning or 100 kills.  Maybe a good old-fashioned board game is in order?

I went off last night on my mission to run a dozen errands and ended up in that “trouble comes in threes” situation.  I missed the natural food store by 4 lousy minutes of closing, then realized I had left my blackberry back at this bulk barn someplace, then my husband asked if I had the slip to renew his sticker (which I didn’t) so we had to turn around and start all over again.  Walmart was a total zoo which is always the case when a holiday is upon us but I did get most of what I needed for my husbands birthday dinner on Saturday night.  I am hoping to get all my prep work done today as I have lots to do tomorrow before our friends arrive.  The only thing I could not find for the life of me was evaporated cane juice, I tried Walmart, the health isle of Canadian Superstore and the closed health food store, no luck.  I did however get a bag from my friend Erika who purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart of all the strange places! I guess that earns her a coconut cream pie if I have enough of everything to make two of them!

So short and sweet today, things to do, beds to make, laundry to wash, pies to make, hair to trim (husbands) I tell you I lead the most glamorous of lives !

Day 502: Babies

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 21, 2011

Today it is just me and Baby Mason.  Its been along time since I have had the pleasures of a little baby in my life and I have to say that I am quite enjoying watching him crawl around on the floor of my living room.  I can’t imagine caring for a baby full time anymore but its fun to do once in awhile!

Last night I went to the gym and completed another workout.  I am struggling my way through some of the sets but I am committed to getting it completed one way or another. If it asks for 15 and I cant quite get there I do what I can, rest a few seconds and then push myself to finish it off.  When I leave at the end I am hot and sweaty that’s for sure!

Well I guess this is getting cut off short, someone wants my attention 🙂

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