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Day 479: Words

Yesterday I was over on the Eat Clean Kitchen Table reading various stories and quotes.  Most of what I read now makes total sense and I have a understanding of what people are feeling or experiencing.  I suddenly realized that this has a significant meaning.  I have reached a point where I can remember feeling a certain way about myself or the way I lived.  What a terrific feeling to suddenly get that I am on the road to being me again.  Not just waiting at the light to go but well on my way.

One member over there really resonates with me.  I feel her pain and recognize it for what it is, what it always was and would remain until she sees it for what it is.  Her recent post really rang home with its truth and I was so happy to see her reach this point.  Her quote was, “TO CURE JEALOUSY IS TO SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS, A DISSATISFACTION WITH SELF”.  No truer words could be said.  Admitting to the world and yourself that you don’t believe in yourself or your worth is the first painful truth you need to make in order to get up and build yourself up.  I know this first hand.  It is easy to hide self hate within yourself but much braver to own it and begin healing.  Just the act itself is half the battle because once you do it you have the strength to push yourself.

Another post talked about a positive attitude toward your success.  It seems silly that little words can change how you respond to situations and your own motivation but this is so very true.  I was a doubter about this one all around but open to try anything once.  It made a difference, taking a negative and finding a positive spin on it has to be a necessity if you want to succeed at this.

So these words are quoted from another post:


These words in your vocabulary have got to go in regards to your will to succeed….

“but” – “try” – “hope”

I want to eat clean but ______________ (insert any excuse here…too expensive, my sister does the cooking, i don’t have time to prepare, etc…)

That word “but” negates everything before it.

I am trying to work out 3x a week.

There is no level of commitment there. There is no real intention. Because if you don’t reach that goal….well then you didn’t really fail because at least you tried.

I hope I can run that 5K in 6 weeks.

Hope is not a strategy. Any real goal needs a plan….and a good sound one at that!

I wasn’t always disciplined. In order for change to occur…..your cuurent situation has to become more uncomfortable that what the situation entails for changing that current situation.

“There is going to be pain in your life. It is going to be the pain of discilpine….or the pain of regeret.”


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