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Day 477: Men, Vacuums and Cats

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 27, 2011

There are 3 important things you need to know before reading this post.

1. I have a husband

2. I have a cat

3. I have a vacuum- sort of

So my mad cleaning dash yesterday was the usual ball of fun.  I had it all done by the time my husband got home from work at one.  All the dirty jobs completed, just the vacuuming to go. I asked that he please do this job.  Now our central vacuum went ass up last year and I purchased a normal canister vacuum which completely sucks and not in the sense that it sucks up the dirt.  It also overheats and conks out.  We only have carpet in our bedroom, upstairs hall and the 2 sets of stairs so I havent really stressed out about it.  I recently got a small one to just do the stairs and this is what I sent my husband off with. So he is vacuuming away and I hear him moaning that it isnt working and just spitting dirt all over the place.  I go look and he is right so I clean the stairs in my other method. This one involves me wearing yellow rubber gloves and rubbing each stair down.  May sound crazy, but anyone with a Persian cat knows what Im talking about.  I swear that the fur is magnitized to my carpet.  One I complete the first set of stairs (note how now my husband has gotten out of this chore) I take a closer look at the vacuum.  I discover why its not working.  He has never dumped the trap out——-ever. The vacuum is literally stuffed with dirt, even the side attachment pipe has backed up down the entire tube.  5 minutes later and it works again once I remove what is likely worth about 5 canisters worth of compacted dirt.

So I have learned the following:

1. New husband—- to much work involved plus this one is housebroken

2. no Cat_—-great option but already attached

3. New vacuum—– yeah thats the ticket 🙂


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