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Day 476: How many hours in a day?

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on March 26, 2011

I seem to always think I can get more done than possible.  I mean on a day when time is of the essence. Today is one of those days for me.  I got up and immediately started the attack of the house.  It seems that this is a war that I always lose at, this one and the laundry –  always bet against me and you’ll be sure to win.

So I do the usual 40 minute bleach spray and scrub in the kitchen, followed by a repeat again in the 2 bathrooms.  I hate this as my hands are always raw when I am done and I hate wearing the rubber gloves for anything other than cleaning the toilet.  We set up the tables in the garage and my daughter collected up the 300 candle holders I seem to have from my obsessive phase of Party lite stuff.

In the afternoon when my husband got home from work I had a wander around the mall to look for fake Ugg boots for my daughter. No luck being that it is the end of March.  Went to Lululemon and drooled over the overpriced merchandise and discovered that I can now actually fit in their yoga pants.  I wont buy anything till I have all the weight off though because that would be plain silly of me. I will however go back and purchase an over priced bag next week as my reward for hitting the 199 mark.  It is the TOM now so the scale was un cooperative with me today but I am hoping for that 199 next week come hell or high water!

Came home and continued cleaning after I fed the family a big plate of greasy saucy chicken wings and fries ( I had egg whites and cheese) I have a whole number on men and vacuum cleaners, oh and cats too but you’ll have to read tomorrow if you want a chuckle about that lot!


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