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Day 473: Enough Already

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 23, 2011

Do you ever wonder if the universe just had days that are off?  It doesn’t seem possible but at the same time you cant just scoff at the thought.  We all have days that are exceptionally bad and theres that saying that bad news comes in threes right?

I have also noticed that I will often see numerous profile comments made by my friends on face-book too.  There will be a multitude of people all having a shitty day at once.  Today is an example of that, although I take today with a grain of salt because it bloody well snowed again last night and that is enough to push anyone over the edge at this point!

Today I have friends who:

  • feel guilty about ice cream consumption
  • is slowly going crazy 5,4,3,2,1
  • have PMS
  • almost got in a car crash
  • hates snow
  • is sick in bed
  • has sick kids and is off to spend hours at the walk in clinic

So you see what I am saying here?  Now me? I have some complaints today.  None that are going to do me any good but I will complain anyway!

  • Enough Already!!! We don’t want to see anymore snow!!
  • TOM.  I mean really? this is the big week I plan to break that horrible 200 mark and you come along and ruin it. Now it will be an additional week before we can have that party!
  • People who list things on Kijiji and say they want this much for it or are willing to trade. If you only want to trade don’t put a cash price in the ad.
  • Teachers who don’t hand in the hot lunch envelopes.  We spent all last night working on hot lunch and thanks to you will get to spend another night at it.
  • Gummy bears: why must the school secretary always have a pail of junk on her counter for us?? Its distracting to say the least.

None of these things really matter in the grand scheme of life, but since the universe decided to crap on our lawns I feel we are entitled to bitch about stuff today.

SO that it folks!  Tonight I am off to attempt a workout again at that local gym.  I think  we have  a second week for free as the owner didn’t show up for the last appointment (she was sick)



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