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Day 472: Disappointments

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 22, 2011

Yesterday was a day of disappointments for me.  I struggled through the day avoiding bad food choices but it was a really hard day. I’m not really sure what the cause of it was but I am glad to see the backside of it today thats for sure.

It was arranged for my neighbor and I to go visit a small local gym last night.  I had been in contact with the owner through e mail and we had our guest passes and running shoes all together excited for a workout.  This place is a small gym (part of a chain) but its members enter it 24/7/365 by using their access cards.  It does have staff on daily from 1pm till 8pm.  Well tha’ts what the sign says but it is apparently not true.  So we stood there for 15 minutes ringing the doorbell and calling the phone number listed on the door before we gave up and went home.  Disappointment number one.

My husband had taken the kids to the library and then to the skate park for a short while. My oldest was home alone when I got back and it became quite clear that he did not hear me come in the door.  He was playing his x box online and was screaming and yelling through his microphone, which it not that unusual really.  That said it was more the cursing that was added in the lack of our presence that bothered me.  I quietly located myself at the top of the stairs and sat to listen to him for 5 minutes, it was very saddening and the first time I can honestly say that I was truly disappointed in him. So I went downstairs and opened his door and said,” I guess you didn’t F#@ing hear me come in the F#@^ ing door based on the F#*%ing way your F%@*^ing talking. You think your F#@^*ing cool talking like that?  cuz you sound F#@*ing stupid!!!!!”.  Dissapointment number two.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know my kid is no angel, I know that he swears and makes bad decisions from time to time.  It was the fact that every other word had to be the F bomb. He sounded like a total idiot and I don’t like the way that represents us as parents.  I swear, my husband swears but we dont use the F word  5 times per sentence.  SO now we have a teenager slinking around the house quietly.  Today I went into his room to get him up and being the bitch I am I said,” James!!!! Get the F$@^ up! You’ve got F^#@king school!” I will do this for a couple of days to drive the point home.  He doesnt like how it sounds out his mothers mouth then maybe he will realize what a tool he sounds like? well hopefully he will realize it.

The worst part is that its the first time I have felt dissappointed in him.  I have been mad plenty of times (don’t even get me started on the time he reformatted my hard drive and deleted all my important paperwork) but never disappointed.

The last disappointment is a small and rather insignificant one.  I have a list of rewards I made for myself connected with taking off the weight.  I am 2lbs off my next goal which is a gym bag.  I have my heart set on a lulu lemon one which I feel guilty about as it is expensive.  I really like apple green and I don’t think they have much in that color right now but I did find one on kijiji that was EXACTLY what I wanted and gently used for $30.  I could buy that without feeling guilty.  I messaged the owner but she hasn’t got back to me.  I suspect that it is sold. Potential disappointment number three.



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