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Day 466: I must be crazy

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 16, 2011

I have a fairly strong headed personality.  If I set my mind to something and dig my heals in I can be pretty much certain of my outcome.  Its mostly seen in materialistic things.  I still to this day am amazed that I managed to pull off a $13,000 trailer without financing (although my visa did see a grand of it for 6 months).  I’m organized and calculating which works in my best interest most the time.

I’m telling you this because I am thinking about doing something rather outrageous.  In fact I have been pondering this from the fencepost for the last week debating if I should do it, and if I do it if I should tell anyone about it.  The jury is out on whether I can do this but hopefully in the next few days I will have an answer.

I have ofter referred to a series of books called CLEAN EATING and the whole philosophy behind it. There is also a magazine called Clean Eating and they are running their third annual challenge.  Ya, I know, its kinda crazy right?  Me? a contest to see who can make the most improvement to themselves?  Its really putting myself out there (further than my usual comfort level)

Well I have requested some more details about the contest as I am not sure if I would sign up based on where I am now being my starting point or where I really started.  If its from where I am now then it wouldn’t be as impressive and would only give me till the end of July to get things done.  This I think is an unrealistic and unhealthy goal that may be a set up for failure.  If this is the case then it may need to be the fourth annual contest I do. Starting now and going until not this but next July. I could do some serious improvements in that time frame.

Anyway there’s my little secret.


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