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Day 455: Quiet. Thats odd

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 5, 2011

I woke up late, I mean like it’s after 9am late which is a big treat these days.  The hubby has to work and 2/3 of the kids are sleeping. I can hear the muffled sound of a TV in the basement…………nope, forget it, the moment has been ruined that one kid coming up and starting to whine because I won’t make they bacon and eggs. I HATE whining.  Well like the title said it was odd, and to be a reality I would have to learn to type a lot faster.

Yesterday was just another normal day, nothing of excitement happened to me in the slightest unless you include leaving my Blackberry Curve on the counter of Starbucks.  I didn’t clue into this until 11 when I heard the message on the answering machine.  Thank God it is safe as I can’t imagine life without it as very very sad as that may sound.

I purchased a new scale last night and I am going to banish the other wish washy one from my life.  I am only weighing once a week now which means I don’t need the aggravation of a messed up reading when I do stand on it.  Sometimes less is more, and with bathroom scales it seems to me that the old dial style is more effective than a digital one.  This new scale reports that I am 2 lbs heavier than last week but there is a scientific reason for that. Stupid time of the month.

I also splurged and purchased a set of nonstick frying pans.  I have been making egg whites every other day for over a month and let me be the first to say that cleaning out my stainless steel frying pan is a crappy “gotta let it soak 20 minutes in the sink” job.  I look forward to the ease of my eggs in the am tomorrow!

Today is a pretty boring day, the usual housework to be done, whining kids to contend with. I get to go to the gym and retrieve my phone back which will make me feel much better.  The late afternoon will be a big rush though. I have the gym at 3, then have to get the kids back to my MiL and get them some dinner, rush home to shower and do myself up as we have a party to attend tonight.

Well thats about it, I have to go deal with the BS that is a 8 year old child who didn’t get enough sleep.


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