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Day 442: Party Time

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on February 20, 2011

Today I have to prepare for our sons family birthday party.  We have always had this tradition with our kids.  On the weekend before or after their birthday we have the family over for a meal, cake and presents.  It is easier this way than trying to incorporate family into kids parties (lets face it, nana doesn’t want to go to the play zone!) plus we have a big family.

Tonight I will have 10 adults and 5 kids here to feed which makes for an afternoon full of food prep.  The cake is a black forest number that is a massive slab from the grocery store and which I fear I should stay clear of completely. That said I  have a suspicion that a slice of it will become the cheat meal of this week (depressing as I wanted to have eggs and bacon (well turkey bacon for me) on Family day. Oh the dilemmas I face.

My mom is driving down as well with her “friend” the ex boyfriend. I imagine they will arrive long before dinner so I will have to plan this afternoons time very well in order to get a shower, clean the house and make the meal. I think I may be a tad delusional in thinking this will all happen but we will see!


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