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Day 314: Just a Smile

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on October 15, 2010

Today a rather cool thing happened to me.  Not too many cool things happen in my life so it is worth reporting.  Someone read my blog!!!!  I mean someone other than the usual suspects I call my friends.  On a day that I was sorta feeling sorry for myself it was such a nice feeling.  Someone thinks what I am trying to do is interesting. Someone wants to know what it is that drives me. Someone out there wants to know how I do it.  The fact that someone is out there means a great deal today of all days because some days I feel like there really is no one out there…be it when I am writing daily or when I am hiatus.

It’s a long story to  how I got to this place.  LIke most things in life it really is a mind over matter in the end.  As an ex smoker I can vouch for that.  If you put you mind to a task, any task and believe in yourself wholeheartedly anything is possible.  At the end of the day that’s what you have to hold onto.

So if you are a stranger reading this, be it my stranger or any other random stranger, remember that everyone has the power to help people in some small token.  I live my life with the philosophy that we should pay it forward.

An odd day for me, I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂


Day 313: Pesky Little Things!

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on October 14, 2010


Willpower is really a hard thing.  To take total control over a situation and say no.  I imagine that an ex alcoholic or a drug abuser must have some serious willpower.

My willpower was tested, is still being tested today by a large Tupperware container in my freezer.  I have never thought as Tupperware as a threatening concern but last night it reached the heights of terrorist alerts.  My son is the cause for all this concern as he made a batch of chocolate coconut snowballs at his Nana’s on the weekend.  I should mention that she makes the best snowballs every Christmas.  Well we have a batch in the freezer and its calling out to me.  I allowed myself 1 at lunch yesterday as I felt it better to get it out my system early in the day than at 9pm on the sofa.  I am not really sure what the damage is on one of these puppies but I will have to analyze the recipe and find out.  I managed to stop all the left over deserts heading to my house on Thanksgiving, my mother in law offered them to me and I declined.  It seemed odd to offer someone trying to lose weight a 12 inch pumpkin pie to take home. It is what it is and I said NO THANKS!!!

So today I am going to give some serious thought to meals and snacks for the next week.  I want to get on track again and this will require alterations to my families diet.  They have done it before and they will do it again!!

Hopefully my son will plough his way through that container of snowballs and I can take myself off high alert soon!!!

Have a wonderful day folks!!!!

Day 312: It’s been awhile……

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on October 13, 2010

So here we are again. It has been almost a year since I began this journey and as the leaves change color it reminds me that summers over and its time to get my affairs back in order!!

I have managed to maintain a relatively consistent weight through the summer. It fluctuated in a window of about 5 lbs depending on the week.  I did not hop on the scale every morning after my toilet trip, nor did I pass on a treat, a dessert or a trip to the LCBO.  I had enough sense to do all these things with moderation which I think is really the key to it.

So now we return to a routine.  I have to be honest and say that this is harder than I thought it would be.  All the good yummy things will be missed.

It is of great importance to me that I meet my goals.  I started this with a goal to loose 100 lbs and I am 1/2 way through it.  I wanted to have this 100 lbs gone in time for my 40th birthday.  This is one of 2 goals I have set myself personally. The other is to be fully licensed (I got my G1 this summer)

So I am back again, I will try to write daily as I found it to be quite healing for me.

Clothes For Sale!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on October 7, 2010

A variety of things in my closets are just taking up space and my logic is that I should sell them and use the money to buy some new things that will be of use to me.  I work from home but I do love to dress nicely when I go out (Walmart, groceries, visiting ect) so these clothes have been worn very little.  Purchased from Penningtons, Additional and Rietmans it is quality clothing that I paid a considerable amount of money for.

Item #1 Black Leather Jacket size 2X.

Soft leather, button front, pocket on either side. Paid over $300, asking $75 firm












Item #2  Brown Tall leather boots size 8W

These designer David Tate boots fit a super wide calf of 19 inches with gore inserts to allow additional stretch if needed.  Its hard to find a shaft boot when you have a big calf!!!! Paid over $200 for these last summer. Asking $60











Item # 3 Beautiful baby doll Dress

This dress was purchased for New Years Eve last year and was worn once for about 4 hours!  The top is sequined front and back. Underneath the bust it turns into a sheer fabric over a black fabric.  It has ties on either side to pull it in under the bust.  I felt fabulous in this outfit with tall black heals!!  Paid over $130 for this! Asking $50










Item #4   Black Sequined Top

I have not worn this top!  I purchased this last year to wear to a New Years party but then found the above dress and got that to wear instead!  The front of this top is covered with sequins and has a smooth sleek look to it.  The back side is black.   Paid $90  Asking $40










Item #5  Beautiful Dress

This smart dress features a sheer black top with a built in camisole underneath.  The lower part is a charcoal grey.  This is designed to  look like a skirt and blouse but is one peice.  Finished off with a thin patent black belt around the high waist.  I wore this twice and felt amazing both times!   I purchased this for $100  Asking $40













Item # 6  White belted shirt (never worn!)

I purchased this to wear with a grey skirt I owned…..only to discover that the skirt didn’t fit anymore. So it was never worn!!!   Nice white dress shirt with thin black and white belt at the waist.  Paid $80 Asking $30








Item #7  Black Dress blazer

Nice jacket to wear with jeans or dress pants!!!   Paid $50  Asking $25








Item #8  Nice 2 piece dress suit

Purchased this to attend a function. This is a simple shaft dress in a really nice soft fabric.  The jacket sits at the same length as the dress hem for a smart finish.  Paid $150  Asking $50











Item # 9  Custom made halloween costume

This costume was custom made for me last year and is beautiful.  Skirt has adjustable waist so will fit any size.  Bodice was designed for a bust of 40DD and is fitted with boning to keep shape.
I paid $130 for the actual dress which I wore a total of 5 hours.

Also for sale is the petticoats to make the skirt full. I paid $60 for them and will sell for $30









Item # 10 PLEASE MUM 2 piece snow suit size small

I paid over $200 for this set (shudder) and it has a hat, scarf and mits that match it.  I’m asking $25