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Day 183: Goody goody!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on May 7, 2010

So I should start off saying that the weight loss thing is still going fine and I am as motivated as I have been from day one.  183 days later and I am still on track and that my friends feels good!

I had a mini goal to be 199 lbs by the May long weekend and I do believe that it is going to happen.  This weekend I weighed in at 205.9, not to shabby when you think that 183 days ago I was 248.5 lbs!

So gone is the tent trailer, although I have to admit I did feel sadness as it drove away with its new family.  I made good memories with my kids in that tent trailer.

Now earlier on I posted pictures of the trailer I was intending to buy.  I mean up until 3 days ago I had plans to pick up that  trailer tomorrow.  Funny thing is that all along I had this gut feeling that I was making a mistake.  I just couldn’t shake that feeling and in the end it was the deal breaker.  I started digging around deeper for information on the trailer and towing weights and such.  I am glad I did because it would have been a huge mistake.  It turns out that this unit is way to heavy for me to pull behind our SUV despite what I was told, I would burn out the transmission, void our warrantee and possibly be held liable in an accident for towing above my restrictions.  So I backed out of the deal.  I did feel really bad about it but I have to think about my family first.

So I listed ads on kijiji in hopes that it can be a perfect summer home for someone else (who has a truck)  It is an amazing unit and I am sure she will sell it quickly.

So here I am trailerless!!  No prospects on Kijiji for me, the occasional nice trailer here and there but either too small or too much money.  Hours spent scouring Ontario for that perfect new summer home.  Depressing right?

Well it was, I was so disheartened by things, then I decided to log onto Craig’s list. I dont usually go on that site and I am a kijiji girl through and through.  I’m not even sure what triggered me to look there but I am glad I did!  For in the new ads I found a great trailer that looked to have potential.  I called and booked to see it the next morning, the owner went to pick it up out of storage for me.  Armed with a 4 page list of things to check ask I went at it like a seasoned pro.  Everything works, check, structurally sound, check.  Yup! this sucker sold to the neurotic women with the clipboard!

The best part about all this? well there’s a few great things about this.  The first being I saved $1,350 with this unit! Second, this is totally safe to pull with our Nitro, actually its 1200lbs lighter than the other one even when its fully loaded with water and cargo. Third, and coolest……it is BIGGER!!!!! The whole back wall slides out to give more space verses the other one that just the sofa sliding out.

So tomorrow is a very exciting day for me!  We are picking up our new trailer.  I am dirt poor, no savings, and all my utilities are due but I am getting a trailer!!!! whoot whoot for me!!!

So we all know that I will have a future post with my trailer in an array of photos but for now I leave you with some photos I found on the web. Exactly the same as mine.

So this is the layout.  The whole back area (sofa and U dinnette) are on a power slide, just flip a switch!

Just inside the door is the kitchen area.

Sofa and dinette

U shaped dinette (table is folded down in this picture)

So there you have it!  They are calling for rain all day tomorrow which rather sucks!  We are going to bring this home and put it in the parking lot behind our house for Saturday and Sunday so we can clean it and pack our stuff into it.  Sunday afternoon we will take it to the storage place until the long weekend!

As always, I wish you all a great day!