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Day 175: Creepers

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on April 30, 2010

I know that there are all sorts of peole in t his world and that we all have our unique sets of issues.  That said there is one gropup of people that I don’t really understand and today I feel the need to write about them.

Several months ago we had a new older couple move onto our street.  No harm no foul as the winter months slipped by but now that it has warmed up I have noticed along with my neighbors and concerning behavior.

It was bought to my attention by a friend living in close proximity to the house that the man like to stare at heavier set woman and that he has “accidently” touched several woman’s breasts  in passing.  I was even told he propositioned someone one day while his wife was not  home.  I find that creepy enough.

Now I have started to pay closer attention to the going ons around that house.  I have noticed that this man will lurk around his driveway when othersare outside.  He is not doing anything in peticular, just wonders around the bottom of his driveway.  The other day he sat in his parked car watching us for several hours.

Now some people are watchers.  I like to think that he is just looking for an “in” to meet people.  I keep thinking that I am being over judgmental with this but still I have this uncomfortable feeling about it.

So thats it for today’s sharing.  I know that they have become few and far apart these days but there seems to be a great deal going on in my life to keep me busy!

As always I wish you all a beautiful day!


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