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Day 153: Cake, Food and Music

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on April 7, 2010

OK so I need to get my ass in gear.

I really do!!

April is upon us and I am hosting a 40th birthday party for my husband on Friday April 23rd.  I took the first steps and reserved the facility and arranged the live band so that’s a good start.  Now I need to really think about the food I want to have there, the cake and the music.  For some reason the music is really causing me grief.  The band will play several sets of music and I know they are good as I have seen them perform on other occasions.  When they take a break I need music to play and this is on my shoulders to assemble.  I have to be  honest and admit I have no desire to make these playlists and so I am dilly dallying about it.

Today I researched cakes and decided on a very funky one.

I am going to change it a little so that it can have a video game theme but the basic bones of this cake is really cool!.

The food needs to be coordinated and I promised my mother in law that I would get on top of this as she has some people who are asking what they can bring.  So I guess that’s tomorrows job.

Well thats it for today.  I wish you all a wonderful afternoon 🙂


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