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Day 144: I did it.

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 29, 2010

Well I have done it!!  I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise as when I really want something to happen I will do just about anything necessary to make it happen.  This would be one of those occasions.  So my current trailer is up for sale and I have 5 people lined up to look at it the weekend after Easter.  As long as I can sell mine for my asking price then I will be getting the trailer in the picture above.  This time last year we were shopping for tent trailers and a year later we are at it again.  I guess I should of listened to that guy at Walmart last year who told me,”you have 3 kids? don’t buy a tent trailer, just buy a hybrid. Don’t make the mistake we did”.  Smart man but I didn’t listen.

New beginnings.  I really hope I don’t live to regret it as I am sinking every spare dime (and some I don’t yet have) to do this.  I am hoping to rent it out for a few weeks to help replace some of the money I spend out to get it which would be a help.

So should you know anyone looking to rent let me know!!! I am looking forward to our holidays in here. Hopefully this will make my life simpler and give me more time to focus on the fun elements of camping!

Have a great day!


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