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Day 122: Surgery and the gym

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on March 7, 2010

Today is the day I become a surgeon.

Every intern awaits the day that they can perform their first solo surgery.  It’s that precise moment that it becomes real.  So today I become a surgeon.

OK seriously?

Yes, I got a little carried away there, I did watch Grey’s last night which will often do it for me though.  That said I am still doing surgery, bit it’s on a Playstation 3 and not anything that is alive. Hell, even the PS3 is completely dead.

That’s going to change though, because with the miracles on the world-wide web and You tube one can do anything.  Like lets say, strip down a PlayStation and then re coat its important parts with some special goo (that has worn off over the last 3 years and billion hours of game play)

So today I become a surgeon………. right after I go to the gym.

I did not go the last 2 weeks to the gym because I had lost hamsters, hangovers and birthday parties full of children pumped up on refined white sugar and cola to deal with.  I can honestly say that I am glad this weekend is just normal.  Usually we don’t go out there until 2pm but we have moved it to 11am so that leaves time for other stuff like haircuts and surgeries.

So this is it for today.  I have to get washed up and take my 12 pills then yell at the kids to get dressed yet again.  Hopefully today will be good and we will give life back to a PS3, my kids will have tidy hair and I will have a good workout.

As always I wish you a great day!


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