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Day 97: Bloating and friendship

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 10, 2010

I love my friends and spending time with them but the downside of that is food because when you get together with friends there’s always food involved.

Last night I went to see the film DEAR JOHN.  Last month I plowed my way through the book in one sitting gobbling up the words of love, sacrifice and honor and feeling the story to my very core.

Hollywood as usual can’t let it be what it is to be.  They feel the need to twist the story for their own liking taking away the most beautiful part of the story in my opinion.  Now don’t get me wrong, the movie was good, I’ll likely even buy it but that said a lot is lost in translation. Isn’t it always?

After the film we went into East Side Mario’s so we could talk and munch on 1/2 price appetizers.  I figured we would be doing this so I skipped dinner in preparation.  So we got to have our talk time and share some laughs.  I ate plenty of things that are not in any way good for me and I guess that’s my cheat meal for the week so I’ll be cooking all weekend.

I am bloated I think.  I don’t feel bloated but the calendar says this is the time I would be.  The scales when I woke up read an alarming 6 lbs more than my Friday weigh in which I am praying is a result of my period.  I will not let that get me down as it is very likely water weight but I will do the treadmill for the rest of the week and be very cautious with my calories.

Next Friday night is another get together at a friends and I know that the food temptations will be huge and the calories through the roof.  I will have to do a great deal of preparation before going over.  I’m not letting food dictate my life, nor will I allow it to change how I live my life or interact with my friends.  It’s the art of moderation, which as the times goes past seems to be easier to do.

I am thinking about yoga, or at least looking into a yoga class for some night in the week.  I guess it will really depend on the times, the cost and where it is, transportation, oh and did I mention the cost?

Crunch time is on the way.  Only 1 week of UI left and the we are officially a single income family in trouble.

Well, I should shovel the snow off the front porch before the kids start to arrive or it will all be in the house in no time.  Another mess I do not need to deal with.  As always I wish you all a wonderful day!


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