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Day 115: Busy Day

Posted in Re Inventing Me,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on February 28, 2010

Today appears to be a busy day.

Busy only because we are lazy folks who sleep in on Sunday’s which wastes a lot of time.

We have a bunch of tickets left from our youngest s party yesterday so we need to go back and do some amusement rides to use them up!  I have to assemble a chili in the slow cooker so it will be ready when we get back from the “family bowling party” and someone has to vacuum because the stairs look like we are growing a cat on them. It is gross.

So because today is busy I am going to provide you with a video that facebook says is “my song” based on my personality.

As always I wish you all a wonderful day!

Day 114: Kids parties are brutal

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 27, 2010
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Picture being torn in 10 different directions all at once and you now have an accurate description of hosting a children’s party.  I mean these little folks have no concept that you are but one person.  Yes you are done your pizza (I served you first) but guess what little Bobby hasn’t go a slice yet so quit whining that you want cake already!! Good Lord!!!

Well its done!! Party had, gifts opened, rides rid. D.O.N.E.

Only a family party to go tomorrow and that should be OK.  Just bowling then back to our house for Chili (adults) pizza (kids) and more yummy cake 🙂

As always, enjoy whats left of the day, I’m off for family game night….Rockband on the Xbox360. Let the bad singing (me) begin!!!

Day 113: Kick it up a notch

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 26, 2010
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So it would appear that I need to kick it up a notch.  I believe I have fallen into a comfortable lull and we can’t have that!

My weight remains roughly the same at the end of this week with the exercise being the same as usual.  I think my body has figured me out and I will need to do something to trick it.  As of today I am going to log my calories again.  I seemed to be fine for a while without doing it but as of now I feel it is time to start again.  Next week I may try to work in a few extra classes.  I wish that there was a better later evening schedule available.

This weekend is a whirlwind of birthday party crap.  We will have to rush out tonight for a party at Chuck E cheeses at 6.  I am going to make our dinner and we will have to eat while the kids are still here. While that parties going I can go for groceries.   On Saturday we have Kieran’s kiddie party at NEB’s amusement park.  This place is a parents nightmare, and my blood pressure will be through the roof keeping track of 10 kids while there for 2.5 hours.  I have planned ahead for this.  I WILL eat prior to the party and so I will not require a slice of greasy pathetic cold pizza.  I will skip the cake because I can (with all the commotion Kieran won’t notice or be upset that I don’t eat some).  When we go home I am going to make a Chili up for Sunday afternoon.  We are going bowling with the family to celebrate (we always have a family party) and then we will all head back here to eat and have left over cake!  So the weekend will fly by as it always does.  The key is in the planning. I will plan.  I am optimistic that if I keep things on schedule I may even have time to go to the gym at noon on Sunday before bowling.  I know what my families like though so I will be lucky to see it happen.  Either way I have committed to doing the treadmill in the morning so its something.

So my other dilemma is camping.  In Ontario you can book your reservation 5 months to the day in advance.  My problem is I want to book for July 30th and there is no Feb 30th.  Does that mean I book on the 28th? or the 1st?  It’s a big deal to me because I don’t want to get up at 6.30am on sunday to book if when I log in I can’t do anything!!  You have to book as soon as the site allows or you won’t get a site!

Oh well. I guess I will call them to ask!

So I should get this day started.  As always I wish you all a beautiful day!

Day 112: Writing

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 25, 2010

I wrote this story in college.  Centered on the theme of a song I loved a lot.  I have decided that I am a better writer now than I was then.  When I typed it up for this I had a hard time not editing out all the mistakes.  For those who are good with this stuff (and I know there’s a couple of you) I left it in its true form.  I know the story is flawed, I see things that don’t make sense in it now.  So that said I thought I might make this story a project of sorts for me.  A place that my mind can roam freely.  If I ever finish re writing it I will post it again just for fun.  If I finish it then it will be a great deal more substantial than this “short story”.  It got 95% on it.  Back in the day they gave percentages still.

So here it is as it was written in 1996 for my Fanshawe college Creative writing class.

Timeless Love

The ghostly figure wondered along the beach while the storm blew fiercely around her.  From the window of my old rented house I could hear the wail of the wind and the creaking of the timbers that had surely endured centuries of abuse.  Looking out at the night and seeing this figure made me feel like I had stepped back in time.  She seemed lost and yet at the same time I knew that she remained with a purpose.  To join her seemed impossible, for in my heart I knew that entering the storm to approach her would only lead to disappointment.  So I stood by candlelight at the window and observed a women whose tale was known to all in this tiny inlet of a fishing village.

I had come to the rustic Cornish coast to escape the everyday hassle of the city, to seek refuge while I sought of the meaning of my life.  In London, the marriage to Stephen sat in limbo unaware of what disaster it could face on my arrival home.  Decisions in the financial world were easy for me to make, yet when it came to my own husband I could not establish what love was, or even if any was there.  So this little village became my sanctuary of quiet in which history would guide my decisions.

The main who met me looked like the pebbles on the beach.  It was clear that he had lived her his whole life as one could almost observe the sea in his eyes.  After informal greetings he showed me to my tiny rented home and left me to explore at my will.  The living room was small and cramped but with its timeless antiques, one could only feel comfortable.  After taking my luggage up to the only bedroom I put on my anorak and walked down the pebbled street to do some shopping.  It was hear that I heard the tale of Roslyn and her lost love.

The woman in the shop had been a plump, talkative native and in a friendly manner to approached me to introduce herself as Griselda.  She asked where I was visiting from and I explained that I was renting the cottage out by the cliffs.  Her eyes lit up brightly as she began to explain that that cottage had a history spanning back over a hundred years.  We chatted briefly while I collected up supplies of fresh eggs; home baked bread, pasties still warm from the oven and freshly churned butter.  She asked of city life and I brushed it aside with a laugh.  After paying for my goods I headed out the door and down a narrow winding street, my thoughts returned to the cottage and the comments of the history.  I decided to search out the library and see what I could find out.  To my surprise I was allowed to take a book home with me and after a grand feast I curled up on a chair with the book.  The room, lit by only by an oil lamp gave an eerie feeling and the wool blanket was damp with the sea air.  Time here it seemed did not change.  From the book I read:

“She was but two and twenty when the seas took her beloved from her.  She was a beautiful widow with thick auburn hair and eyes dark with sorrow.  Her name was Roslyn Castallack, wife to Jack whom she loved dearly.  They had been married only a year when Jack was lost in the great storm of 1764.  His fishing boat was never recovered nor was his earthly remains.

Roslyn was said to be found on the wet sands that night.  She wandered barefoot along the beach with her white nightgown billowing and her hair streaming out behind her in the gale force winds.  The rain beat down harshly as the thunder clashed overhead in the black skies.

Joseph Creen found her out there in the storm and told her of Jack’s death.  Roslyn swore that no harm could come to him as he knew the sea like the back of his hands.  Joseph listened, but knew himself as a fisherman that no man could endure such a storm.

It is said that she spent the night out there in the storm and that no amount of coaxing by the woman could bring her inside.  When the morning came and the storm subsided the fisher wives went to comfort Roslyn, but not a trace of her could be found.

Now many rumors have been heard in the local pubs and among the women gutting fish by the harbor.  Some people say that she left this place in the dead of night as to forget the pain of her loss.  Others say that she threw herself to the sea so that she would always remain with Jack.  I myself believe the latter for on many a stormy night I hear the wind wail and whisper her Jackie’s name.”

Closing the book and placing it upon the table, I stood, pulling my jumper tighter around me.  In the kitchen I poured myself tea and carried it up the rickety stairs to my small room.  Here I remained to think of such a love that could live on even after death.  What would my life be like without Stephen standing by my side?  Had my love for him died? Or was it that our work lives had choked up our time together?  Thinking of this made me remember the times we had shared together before our businesses had bloomed.  What a wonderful time that had been, with all our dreams and expectations for the future.  Yet suddenly it seemed that those very dreams had overpowered everything else, our time together and the family was had so desperately looked forward to.  The storm came on quickly and I moved toward the window, unconsciously knowing what I looked for.  Sheer darkness greeted my eyes and I felt disappointment, then suddenly I saw her, the whiteness of her nightdress contrasting against the dark sky.  She moved along the shore looking out across the foreboding seas and the wind whispered his name………Jackie.

Most would consider an experience like this a figment of their imagination but to me it was the answer to all my questions.  I climbed back into the old bed and silently sent out a prayer for Roslyn and Jackie Castallack.

So here I am again wondering along the same pebbled street toward the shops of St Ives.  It has been five years since I last laid eyes on the men in the harbor or smelt the ocean air.  Time in this place seems to stand still and the shop remains the same as I enter.  A face smiles upon me and the ancient Cornish name springs into my mind……Griselda.   There she is before me, the lines in her face are more defined but the glitter in her eye still reveals the knowledge of her lifetime.  She smiles at me and comes over to pat the children on their heads.

“What beautiful children you have my friend!”

Roslyn and Jack smile into the strangers face and tug at my skirt.

“We’ve come on a holiday with mummy and daddy”

Day 111: Climbing up

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 24, 2010

Ok so enough of the slump.  I mean really how long can I wallow around in self-pity anyway?  Its my life and I have to live it!!

So among other things my scale is upsetting me.  The last happy weigh in had me at 212.8 lbs and that was a week from last Friday.  I am watching the calories, keeping moving but it is fluctuating up and down between 219 and 216 lbs.  Now I know that all the drinks on the weekend didn’t help this matter.  That said I also have to live this life and find a balance, this is not a diet.  I’m not going to stop drinking all together, it’s not like it is a regular occurrence, maybe 4 or 5 times a year do I drink a lot.

Now that Saturday night was a lot of calories.  I just did a google search because  I am a glutton for punishment.  That bottle of Raspberry sour puss that I drank has 106 calories a shot.  I drank the whole bottle which is about 13 shots.  So there is 1378.  I drank 4 Smirnoff Light before the bar at 100 calories each. 1778.  I also had 4 normal Smirnoff Ice at the bar for another 704.

2482 calories.

Add in 2 slices of garlic bread, a protein bar, 1/2 an orange and 4 cups of tea and you have my intake for the day.

Huh, well that’s the problem there.

Planning seems to be a key factor.  Planning meals, planning times, planning daily calories and how to divide them up.  I should be good at this right? I mean I love love love lists and schedules……

So I am hoping that it will start to feel better as the week progresses.  I am not expecting the scale to drop below 212 this week but I am hoping it will inch its way back towards it again.  Prehaps when my spirits are lighter my weight will be too!!!   I know that feeling down reflects weight loss too.

So today is better than yesterday.  Tomorrow should be better than today. I just keep pushing through the sludge and I should reappear on the other side sometime in the summer of 2011.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

Day 110: Broken things……

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 23, 2010

Yup. Still in the same place.  Sometimes it takes a few days to snap out of.

So I made a list, because I like lists.

I made a list of things that are broken now and will remain broken even if I do have this list.


A wicker draw rail, how do kids do it?

A cabinet door in the kitchen, off kilter or falling off depending on the day.

The bottom rail of Kieran’s bed. Just stop bouncing, its maple, isn’t maple indestructible?

The whole top of an expensive tap. I’m sure it shouldn’t lift off like that.

The garage door opener. Oh wait, I have become the garage door opener as of late. Water drips on my head.

A cracked tile in the kitchen floor, simple repair would be a rug or I angle my foot to hide it at the sink..

Screechy scratches on the hardwood. I know they have a product for this.

Panels of glass, long since gone in moments of madness and head bashing.

Bathroom cabinet door. Its on, its off. Worse than my teenage dating habits.

The closet shelf.  Its a shelf, not a step to your coat.

My microwave.  Only if making a garbage bag full of popcorn for twenty.

The doors to my library shelves. Stupid pre drilled holes just don’t line up.

My gate, seized up for the cold, unable to open.

My left thumb nail. Its almost fixed, I guess thats something.

Glue it, screw it, wait for it to fail again.

Well its a list anyway.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to normal before you know it, until then, have a great day!

Day 109: The After Pill

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 22, 2010

I go on these little drinking binges once in a blue moon so I can let loose and drop the everyday stress I carry.  I think it is normal enough behavior (but then I’m not a licensed professional either) for people.  The problem is that I always spend the next few days in a meloncoloy state of mind.  I am no spring chicken and so it tuckers me out.  3am late nights, bouncing like a bunny, climbing up on massive guns in heals for the photo shoot.  Just not a normal day for me and it leaves me in the need for a big long nap.  Man, I used to have a lot more stamina back in the day!! Was that youth or being active?

Day 108: My bad.

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on February 21, 2010

I know that I said I was going to not drink and eat 3 proper meals but the day just didn’t work out that well.  I did eat lunch. Fruit and a granola bar.  Dinner was in a bar. They don’t have green food at bars. I had a slice of garlic bread and 8 Smirnoff ice instead.  My bad.

It was a fun night never the less.  Once in a while its good to throw stress to the wind and just run free.  The only thing missing was dancing, but a live band doesn’t really add up to dancing even if the music is really good.  Good friends, good laughs, stress free times.

Day 107: Can scales lie??

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on February 20, 2010

OK so the reality of it is that I have no one to blame but myself.  It does no good to sit around moping about it as that will not change anything.

This was a particularly bad food week for me.  That said it was an unusually social week too which goes hand and hand with food.

Monday was family day and as promised I made sausages, bacon and eggs.  I participated  in this meal but then only ate little things for the rest of the day as I felt full.  No dinner that night.

On Tuesday afternoon I went out with my friend for a late lunch(so I skipped breakfast) and had a strawberry waffle.  The good news is it was covered in real fresh strawberries but the bad news is it had some whip cream and strawberry syrup on it.  That night I had a grilled chicken salad for dinner.

Wednesday and Thursday I made it through the day unscathed but I was saddened by Aqua fit being cancelled as the instructor was sick.

Friday was like the black hole from hell in regards to food.   I skipped breakfast and  I went out for lunch with my friend and had a western omelette with cheese, hash browns and toast. EEEEKKK my bad.   Then I skipped dinner to go to another friends house last night.  I shall refer to her as the Greek Goddess of Food (GGF).   The GGF always has lots of yummy food, by lots I mean imagine the table of the King Henry XIII and add a few more pies.  It is always really good food too (not healthy wise either) from neat little bakeries tucked away in obscure side roads.  I am awaiting the day I find a pig with an apple in his mouth planted firmly as a table center piece.  Its going to happen eventually I am sure!!

So it has been a bad bad week for me and unless my scales have the ability to lie it is reflected quite rightfully on the scale which reports a  3 lb gain.

That sucks ass.

So its time to get back on track.  Today is not going to be any better than the rest of the week as I am headed off to small town Canada to visit old friends from my 20’s.  This will involve another meal out at a pub and then a live band at a bar which involves drinks.  I am sitting today formulating a plan of attack.  It is clear that the meal skipping this week have not helped in any way.  So I will have a small healthy breakfast and a small healthy lunch.  I will pick from the menu the best I can at dinner to avoid fats.  I will not drink at the bar.

It’s really sad though.  It has been a really nice week for me.  Spending time with my friends and getting out the house has lifted my spirits greatly.  Last nights girls night was great and all the laughter was wonderful.  Twilight trivia game was hysterical and it was nice to actually win a game of something for once in my life!  That scale though, well that did not rock my world at all.

My sister-in-law has a pass for the rec centre for me.  It’s the same place I go for my  Aqua fitness class.  I am hoping that I can do a class every night next week.  I want to try a bunch of different things and see what they are like.  Yoga, Pilate, general exercise classes and whatever else catches my fancy on the schedule.  This I am hoping will help.

I think that I may have to have a sugar cleanse next week too and log everything I eat.  I will have to think about how to do this tomorrow though as I have things to get done today before leaving for small town Ontario.

I am not letting this get the best of me as I was pretty sure it was going to happen this week.  Just a bump on the road to success.  No one said the trip would be smooth sailing and I expected some hiccups on the way.  I’m impressed that I went such a stretch without hitting one earlier!

As always I wish you a  great day.  I am hoping that I will have a good day with old friends!!

Day 106: Playdates for kids and adults

Posted in Uncategorized by pishposh71 on February 19, 2010

Today is the day of playdates around here so this will be a short entry.  Today I am going to take my little one to a play group with my friend which I am sure she will love.

Tonight I am off to a good friends to hang out with all my other mommy friends which is always fun.

Not much else to report and I need to eat before I head out so I guess I will wish you all a great day!!!

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