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Day 79: Move for Haiti

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on January 23, 2010

Today is Move for Haiti day at the gym and I am excited to be a part of their efforts.  I will get a taste of cheeky girls which is a program I plan to take this summer at a different facility.  Cheeky girls is about building self-esteem and confidence in women.  I think most women could take something from t his program. Being a mother and a wife is very rewarding but I think we get lost in the roles and loose a part of ourselves along the way.  I plan on finding that part that is “me” again.

I am also taking a yoga class.  I have only done yoga once at Ste Anne’s day Spa last winter.  It was fun in a sort of “I think I’m going to die” way.  That experience was in no way relaxing for me as I was likely about 260 lbs at the time  and my focus was just on keeping my balance and not falling down.  I am hoping that with less weight and a stronger core I may find this more comfortable.

After this I am off to buy groceries for tomorrow nights dinner.  We are having the couple who own the gym (my best friend as a young adult and my husbands best friend married each other) and another old and dear friend and his super amazing new girlfriend.  I have a great dinner planned and am looking forward to cooking.  Some of the ingredients are rather daunting and may need some searching but I am sure if I put on my Holmes hat I will find them!

So thats my day in a nutshell.  Last night I managed to finally see my hairdresser/friend and get a cut.  Still on the never-ending mission to book a time to streak my hair with blond and red. One day.  I power walked up to the salon which took about 20 minutes and involves a nice big hill so I felt good about that.

This morning I decided to give the scale a second look.  I find that my weight will go up and down about 5 lbs throughout the week but it never drops below my earlier friday’s weigh in.  On Friday in the morning it will just happen, bam!!! a weight loss.  Well that did not happen yesterday, instead it reported a 1lb gain.

Today is apparently the “new friday” as the scale has reported that my drop has happened.  A great reading of 216.7 lbs which is a total drop of 29.7 lbs and a 3 lb drop based on yesterdays scale weight or a 2 lb drop if you just go from last friday.  So I am glad that I didn’t bother feeling down about this yesterday.

Well this is it for today, I am feeling really good despite my froggy voice! As always I wish you all a great day!


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