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Day 78: Silence

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on January 22, 2010

It is on the rare occasion that this house is fully silent.  I have written before about the oddity that is the experiance of silence in my world.

Amazing still that these days occur and still leave me feel in complete awe.

I sit on the sofa immersed in the story of a soldier and his far away love.  The air around me is still and I hear nothing, no commotions or even sounds as the house lives and breathes around me in its daily creaks and aging.  Again, in the quiet I hear only the sound of my fingers turning the pages one by one as I fall deeper and deeper into this story.  I take silent pleasure in the peculiarity of the moment when I hear other pages turning alongside me.

No gunfire and clicking or chatter but just the soft fold of pages.  It is a sight I have never seen before.  I am aware that my husband can read but I have never seen him do it for the sake of pleasure.  It warms me to think that after all these years he can still find something to surprise me.  After so long when every move can be predicted like a well told story from your best dog-eared book.

With so many things to do I cannot bear the thought of moving from this moment. It was a challenge to just write this.  So my day shall be wasted away in the pleasure’s of another world and the silence of my home.  The laundry will still be there later, as will all the other commotions of my life.  Today I shall take peace in the quietness and united front I find in the silence of my home and my husband.

As always I wish you all a wonderful day!


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