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Day 58: Saturday

Posted in Re Inventing Me by pishposh71 on January 2, 2010
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It is early on a Saturday morning.  It is a true sign of my dedication to weight loss that I am awake, dressed and functioning at 8.30am on a weekend.

Last night I slept terribly.  I didn’t go up to bed until around 1am because I was playing some addictive bubble game on Facebook. When I did get in bed I tossed and turned in and out of sleep for the rest of the night.  I heard my husband come to bed around 4am (which is foolish as we have lots to get done today).

My brain loves to process tit bits of information over and over, the downfall of being a virgo I guess.  It would be ok if I had ny control over it but thats just not the case.  So I toss and turn processing things that I have no control over.  It sucks.

So now I am off to be trained. There is not boot camp sessions until next Saturday so instead I am doubling up on training sessions for the week which is just as good.  Later today we will head out to my mother’s which could be good or bad depending on all the variables of the situation: her mood, my kids mood, kids behavior, husbands behavior, all playing a factor in how my day will go. Hopefully it will be nice, hopefully she can point out the positives in my weight loss to date rather than focus on the 70 lbs I still have to go.


Anyway I need to get my butt in gear, so as always have a great day!


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