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Day 45: Sunday and I’m off again…..

Well yesterday flew by in no time!

Out the door by 9 am, home at 10.30pm, back out again till 1.30am.

Boot camp went well, I was very careful with my knees as they were bothering me quite a bit. I think it may be a good thing that they are going to get a weeks break.  I will see my doctor in the first week of January so I will have him look at it for me too.  Anyway it went well. It’s nice how every week we do different things and challenges us in different ways.  I gave it my all and struggled through the ab exercises which I find the hardest.  I know I have them but they don’t seem to work so good!

After that was done I headed over to my MiL house (mother in law) as we have a project we are working on together.  We ended spending almost 3 hours driving all over the place trying to find all the supplies we need to make our things.  The next several hours where an assembly line of production until Téa reminded me that we had a Christmas party to go to. Me still in my yoga pants and runners.  Well I went to finish what I was making and then heard screaming. My youngest fell down the stairs. He was okay, but bit through his lip and was freaked out by the blood.  Téa was bawling as she was scared for him. It was a big fiasco.  So after we dealt with this we headed home.  Cleaned up the kids and got them ready for bed ensuring that Kieran was ok and left them in the care of another adult.  In a wonder women moment I went from yoga girl to festive Christmas girl and then headed over to the Christmas party.

It’s nice to see this group of people, most my husband has known his whole life, for me 15 years of friendship.  Others have come along over the years through the campground and so we see them 2 or 3 times a year at parties.  It was a nice time anyway and I am glad that we went.  I took 2 bottles of vitamin water to drink and was content to have that. Just had to keep an eye on Craig and his sneaky bottle of vodka so I didn’t end up spiked (just kept it in my hand all night!)  Lots of people commented on the weight loss, and told me how good I looked. All these people saw me at Halloween so they can see the difference!!! Wait till they see me again in the summer at the trailer park! I wonder how much I will have off by August 2010??

Anyway, I am being lazy. I have to do a ton of things today and be out at the studio for training by 2pm. Its noon now which basically means that I am way behind schedule for the day.

As always, have a wonderful day. Be thankful for the people around you and don’t forget to



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