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Day 41:

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More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.

~Author Unknown~

This is basically cod oil (I think) and it provides my body with omega 3 and many other missing elements from the lack of fish and seafood in my diet.


The day flew by for me. I spent the am attempting to tidy the basement. I say attempt because it is next to impossible to tidy with 3 kids under the age of 6 in the house.  That said I did manage to clean it up somewhat and get some laundry done.  I had a long and deep talk with a friend about his life and all the changes he has made.  This left me feeling good for him.

In the evening we had the christmas concert which I always love! I wish that more classes participated in this though.  It seems to be hit and miss. Only SK and grade 1 sang, the choir and the gr 7 and 8 bands.  I would love to see my 8-year-old daughter too……..

So it was a nice night, but then we went home.  The kids carried on and wouldn’t listen which in turn leads my husband to yelling at them. Yelling at them takes away that cool feeling I had from the concert and leaves me frustrated and annoyed.  I can’t say that I can blame him for yelling as they were not listening and questioning everything they were asked to do.  That said it would be nice if we could just get the jobs done without having to hear his trap going off.  I get it, he is tired, he wants to sit down and relax.  Guess what? I’m tired too, I would like to sit down and relax. The difference being that after the kids are dealt with he can sit and I can’t. My to do list still has 2 hours of hot lunch work before I can relax. By relax I mean go to bed.

I had a rather weird dream last night. Someone took me and I was scared.  It was a man who reminded me of a friends ex. A man who would scare and intimidate women on a good day.  In my dream there was a woman there too and a child. They lived in a small filthy little littered house.  Somehow I got away.

Jump forward.

These people live in the basement apartment of my house (which in dream reality is my house and my childhood house mixed together) and I am very nervous about it. I am worried about my daughter being grabbed.  I get this call from my husband’s cousin saying he heard that this guy is out to get me and that I should lock myself in my room until it is safe. I am really scared, my heart is pounding……..

The alarm goes off

What the hell is this about????? I have had weird dreams all week-long. The other day I actually called a friend of mine to make sure he was ok because I had a dream that he was in a lot of trouble.  Strange! I wonder what my brain is trying to puzzle out!

As always have a great day!


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