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Day 30: Saturday: Boot camp day

Posted in Re Inventing Me,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on December 5, 2009
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It’s the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles.

~Claude M. Bristol~

My dad was never around much, always off working his tail off, being all that he could be.  My memories of him in the eleven years he was in my life are few and far in between. That said I do have one funny memory.  Sometimes we would go to the pub down the road from us to have a meal, or my parents would have a drink.  It’s your typical family pub in England. Not like here, you will find the bar keepers dog asleep on the floor awaiting some scrap or morsel to come his way.  Well one day my mum and I went down I was happy as it ment a bag of salt and vinegar crisps (chips here) for me. A treat indeed. Well there we are at a table when the door opens and in rides my dad up to the bar to order a drink. Yes you read that right! he rode up to the bar on his horse and ordered a drink. It was a very funny thing and everyone had a good chuckle.  There are not many memories with him so I treasure the few I was blessed with.

This is Gurnards Head now. I doubt anyone rides in on a horse anymore.


Its 9am on at Saturday morning. I was up at 7:45am which is unheard of around here. Weekends I aways sleep in, a luxury I can have for free.  However here I am, up, showered dressed and waiting to go out the door to boot camp. I am a little nervous about this, worried that I will look stupid. I know this is foolish as a woman of 38 but still a reality for me. I was raised in an environment with emphasises on appearances and its stuck in my head over the decades.  I guess that I’m going which must mean that I don’t care as much as I think about this.

I don’t have much time to write as I leave in 5 minutes, but I still wanted to make my daily post. This is part of my morning routine as much as brushing my teeth. It keeps me on track.

As always, have a great day.


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