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Day 26: Tuesday

Posted in Re Inventing Me,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on December 1, 2009

If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.

~Julius Erving~

Well I mentioned the Xmas tree a few days ago, and thought I should add a picture since I took some! So this is my pretty upstairs tree. I would put one of the basement tree, but my computer is loading very slow (because I am in the family room) and I honestly can’t be bothered.

So yesterday was a typical day, nothing much happened worth noting. I discovered I have a big road rash on the back of my calf that is giving off a burning sensation.  No treadmill today!

I talked for a while with someone I went to school with when I was living in England some 20 years ago. It was nice to have a conversation with someone, this can be challenging to do around here with anyone over the age of 10 on some days.

I also adjusted my calorie intake dropping it another 200 a day in hopes that we can see another 5 lbs disappear this week.  It was commented on yesterday by a friend that she could really see that I had lost 18 lbs already. She said it is very obvious on my face. This made me very happy as my very round face was one of the things I disliked. I never signed up for a second chin, but it showed up anyway!  I am looking forward to the day that I am content with who I see in the mirror.

If someone was to just read this for the first time, never being here before and not understanding all the facts that have led to this point, I may appear very shallow.  I guess I grew up surrounded with influences saying how I should look. A mother who invests stock on appearances and constantly criticises mine.  I have never been one to judge anyone for who they are but I am not so quick to offer myself this luxury.  I am my own worst enemy on most days.  It has been a refreshing change to me to feel positive about my achievements and self over this past month.  I have found a hidden confidence, self-worth and value for MYSELF in this experience to date. I know that the people in my life think I already have these things in their eyes. A guise I have presented quite well I think! I hope when this journey is complete I will really feel these things for myself.

Well, I have a house full of children and so should get the ball rolling.

As always, have a beautiful day!


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  1. Adam said,

    WOW – keep going – it will make a big difference in your energy levels !!!

    BUT – make sure you indulge on choc/icecream every now and then !!

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