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Day 21:Its THAT day

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Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.

~ Author Unknown ~

So I have heard tell that day 21 is the important date. I hear if you make it today 21 it means you are really committed to your goal. Now I already knew that I was committed to succeed but it’s still nice to make it to the date. Today is day 21 people! Day 21!

So yesterday was a rainy day which sucked. I try to look on the positive side…it could be snow instead.  The day was your typical day for around here.  It was just one little one and me so we watched a movie (currently the film of choice is always The Wizard of Oz)  together and snuggled with Todgy the dog.

When the big kids come home they all divide into groups and do various things, my little one likes this time of day best as it means playing house with the girls.  Currently the boys are intent on playing with our hedgehog as the computer is not working.  It’s not too often they bother with the girls.

Dinner last night was Sheppard’s pie. Now I myself LOVED this dish, it smelt just amazing while it was cooking and the food processor came in handy for hiding many of the ingredients! I got a decent size portion for a reasonable amount of calories which is always good.  The kids did not think so much of it, I mean it’s not the most attractive dish when you put it on the plate.  Kevin seemed OK with it I guess.  So it is a keeper.

In the evenings after the hustle bustle of dinner,cleaning up the kitchen,  homework x3, a  basement tidy, and getting the kids ready for bed I enjoy the little bit of quiet time.  My tv time.  As I PVR all my shows I always have something to watch. I am usually at least a week behind on some shows.  We have always had this time in my house. After the kids go to bed we have a tea and watch some shows. Well this tea is usually accompanied by an entire sleeve of cookies or slice of dessert of some sort.  The last few weeks I have allotted calories to allow for a Kashi dark chocolate cherry bar to go with this cup of tea. They are really good and I nibble at them.

However on the occasion I crave some chocolate. This craving was a daily habit that I would once feed happily with my favourite European chocolate bar (at 450 calories a bar). I have now introduced the After Eight singles ,with only 80 calories and rich dark chocolate it is a great alternative for me.  It’s not a nightly requirement anymore, I am happy to have a Kashi bar, but at the same time its a great little something to have in the cupboard should the craving hit. Better to grab one of these than one of those sugary calorific snacks from the kids Halloween candy right!

I am really happy with my progress to date.  I wish I could be more committed to the exercise program my friend made me but I find it hard to do. Clearly I am out of shape and lack muscle toning which is the point of the exercises but I find it hard to do. The walking is fine, the Aqua fit is terrific and I would do it daily if I could. If I can ever scrape up the money for a treadmill off kijiji I know I will use it religiously but the exercises I find hard to do.  I said I would do it 5 days a week, Aqua fit once a week, and one day off.  It has worked out to be Aqua Fit once a week, exercises 1 or 2 times a week.

Anyway, I guess it’s still a lot more than I was achieving this time last month right?

As always, have a beautiful day!


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