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Day 18: Man I am pissy

Posted in Re Inventing Me,Uncategorized by pishposh71 on November 23, 2009
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Well I had a nice weekend. We went to see NEW MOON which I have been awaiting for months and really enjoyed.  I started my Christmas shopping which is good because I have a long way to go to get it done. I planned out my next 7 meals which are all new to my family and did another very expensive very healthy grocery shop which made me feel good.  So all in all a good weekend.

Today I am in a pissy mood. I am not sure if it might be PMS or if its that I am frustrated with my situation in life.  I try very hard to be a good wife, mother, friend, worker and provider for my family but there are days it seem like a waste of time.  Today is another one of those days I guess. Over the last few months my daycare income has taken quite a hit as full time children go back to school, some go from full time to part time as they hit grade one. This doesn’t allow for me to take on new families as all my spots are full but still my income has dropped. With a husband who works on and off ,a steady income is very important and the weight of financial burden lands firmly on my shoulders. With the cut backs I struggle even more. This leaves me wondering if it is time to make yet another drastic  change in my life.

Today is not the best of days I guess. Funny, I thought it would be a food related crisis I would have first. I guess that’s a good sign? LOL

As always, have a great day!


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