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Day 13: Stupid Electronics











Well as you can see we started out the gate with lots of energy. The kids played together nicely so \i though I should do something about my messy cupboards! I threw out cereal that expired in 2008.  Don’t look too closely or you will see all the junk food. For the record thats not mine. The daycare kids have chips every friday for snack, my husband drinks the Pepsi… you follow what I’m saying!

Chicken Pot Pie

So I made chicken pot pie last night from scratch. It was not as hard as I thought it would be, I will say that it took twice as long as the recipe said to cook (maybe because I made 2 pies?)

The response was OK. Kevin knew it had onion in it (Im going to buy a bullet so it can be puree) and the kids picked at it too. I thought it was good but it needs something more, not sure what. After packing some for Kevin’s lunch I had a half pie left which I passed on to my friend Erika in hopes she can identify what it needs!

After dinner I had to get started on our school’s hot lunch paperwork. Now my computer died the other year and I lost all my work with it.  So I went and got an 8GB USB drive to keep everything on so I wouldn’t have to go through that again.  So much for that plan. The USB drive died, belly up on the road with flies a swarming and stage 3 larva squiggling (ok too much CSI). You get the point.  This ruined my perfect streak to date, I was upset. I want to make it clear that there are varying levels of upset and mine was a 4 outta 10 well maybe 5.  At the same time it would have been significantly higher had  not discussed this with a friend earlier in the day. There is always something worse that could happen. Her thing is real big, I mean real big….like an 9.5 out of 10. However it could still be worse, hopefully never though (and you know who you are and I love you girl)

So after I had ,”Jim the professional fixer of all broken electronics in my house” over,  it was confirmed that my USB was most certainly gone,( hopefully to hell for screwing me over)

So last night I remade my one spreadsheet I needed to tally up the kids by class and do my work.  I also managed to retrieve another 4 page spreadsheet from a sent e-mail that tallies the school totals by classroom and works out the financials.

So I was up until 1am last night working on this stuff and got 10 of the 17 classes done which is good!  I will now have to work on re creating an order form for each month as they are different each time and the coordinating tally sheets. This will take awhile as I am self-taught excel and have to fiddle to get it done!

I did manage to go through my Laura workout before the crap hit the fan. I did do only one set again as everything is sore after the first one. I think I need to build up to doing 2 sets. We will see how it goes tonight.

Today is a  busy day, at the school for the better part of the day.

Have a wonderful day!

Here is the recipe….this may not work but you can try??



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